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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

2 pm EDT | 1 pm CDT | 11 am PDT

Implementing Risk Strategies for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

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Are you using risk-based thinking to ensure your supply chain is compliant? This webcast will discuss risk-based management strategies and give you information that will help you make your supply chain more streamlined and efficient. A case study will be presented during this event.

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How to Create Insights from Your Quality Data

Available until June 13, 2018

Most quality departments are sitting on mountains of unmined data. Register now to find out how to create actionable insights from your data.

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Best Practices for Effective Tablet Lubrication

Available until June 7, 2018

What best practices will improve tablet lubrication? Learn about the fundamentals of lubrication, the possible dangers of not fully understanding certain lubricants, and how to avoid the pitfalls of under- or over-lubrication.

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Best Practices for Extractables and Leachables Testing for Primary Drug Product Packaging

Available until May 31, 2018

The potential for harmful chemicals to be extracted from packaging materials and pose a risk to patients has spurred regulatory authorities to establish guidelines for extractable and leachable testing for primary drug packaging materials. Drug license holders must establish programs that effectively assess and test these contamination risks.

In this webcast, participants will learn about the regulatory requirements for extractables and leachables in primary packaging and the importance of risk assessment for different drug dosage forms and types of materials. Regulations and guidance documents from the FDA and European Medicines Agency will be reviewed, as well as ICH guidelines for pharmaceutical development and quality risk management. In addition, compendial requirements from the US Pharmacopeia and the European Pharmacopoeia for glass and plastic packaging, safety impact, and extractables and leachables testing will be examined. Best practices for extractables and leachables testing will be shared.

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Sponsor: SGS

A Complete Guide to USP <232> & <233> Pharmaceutical Elemental Impurities 

Part 2: Implementing Pharmaceutical Elemental Impurity Sample Preparation and Analysis

Available until May 10, 2018

Join industry experts who will assist you to prepare for the new pharmacopeial methods for elemental impurities that start on Jan. 1, 2018. This two-part webcast series will focus on four key topics:

  • Understanding and implementing U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapters <232> and <233>
  • Understanding how to deal with contamination, cleanliness, and accuracy Issues in the elemental impurity analysis laboratory
  • Implementing hassle-free sample preparation utilizing advances in microwave digestion
  • Performing elemental analysis by ICP-MS in compliance with USP <232> and <233>

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Sponsor: Thermo Fisher Scientific

A Complete Guide to USP <232> & <233> Pharmaceutical Elemental Impurities

Part 1: Understanding Pharmaceutical Elemental Impurity Regulations and Laboratory Considerations

Available until April 20, 2018

Join industry experts who will assist you to prepare for the new pharmacopeial methods for elemental impurities that start on Jan. 1, 2018. This two-part webcast series will focus on four key topics:
  • Understanding and implementing U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapters <232> and <233>
  • Understanding how to deal with contamination, cleanliness, and accuracy Issues in the elemental impurity analysis laboratory
  • Implementing hassle-free sample preparation utilizing advances in microwave digestion
  • Performing elemental analysis by ICP-MS in compliance with USP <232> and <233>

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Sponsor: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Titration in Early Drug Discovery and Development

Available until March 16, 2018

Attend this webinar to hear Andy Lever, research scientist at AstraZeneca, discuss his experience optimizing titration for research and development. Learn how microtitration technology can be applied to early early-stage pharmaceutical compounds and how optimizing titration parameters affects titration speeds, data resolution, and result accuracy.

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Sponsor: Metrohm 

Around the World in Clinical Trials: New Regulations and Country Specific Challenges

Available until Feb. 28, 2018

Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacificm  and the Middle East–North Africa: For global study sponsors, each region brings specific challenges that must be addressed to minimize the risk of supply-related delays and unexpected costs. Join this webcast to gain an upfront understanding of both regional and country-specific regulatory requirements, infrastructure, and local business practices can make the difference between clinical supplies getting to where they are needed on time or being delayed by Customs.  

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Sponsor: Catalent Clinical Supply

Accelerate Bioprocess Development Using the Modular AutomatedSampling Technology (MAST) Platform

Available until Feb. 23, 2018

Learn how the Modular Automated Sampling Technology (MAST) allows for sterile sampling of media, cell, and product information, how it can be incorporated into  bioprocessing applications. Three case studies will be reviewed that demonstrate how a MAST system can accelerate a biologic drug development process.

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Sponsor: Capsugel

Orally Disintegrating Tablets: A Patient-centric Dosage Form

Available until Jan. 25, 2018

Catalent experts will present strategies for patient-centric drug design, challenges and opportunities in using ODT technology as a patient-centric drug delivery tool. Learn about updates on the new developments in ODT technology including delivery of peptides and vaccines. 

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Sponsor: Catalent Oral Technologies 

Bench to Clinic – Preclinical & First-in-Man Drug Development Strategies

Available until Jan. 18, 2018

Experts will discuss factors that impact early-phase development and clinical success of drug candidates. Discussion will include methods for developing a sound, phase-appropriate formulation with scientifically supportable data to help progress development to the next phase in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Sponsor: Catalent 

Advances in Manufacturing Technology Lead to Efficiency, Reliability, Flexibility and Speed to Market
Available until Dec. 6, 2017

Customized finished-product manufacturing solutions provide scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. Best practices and case study examples will be used to illustrate how a proper technology management approach and unique manufacturing technologies can help process capabilities and ensure a reliable supply of drug products to market.

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Sponsor: Catalent 

Get to Clinic Faster: Navigating Complex Biologics through Development and Manufacturing

Available until Nov. 16, 2017

When aggressive program timelines are required, the application of multiplexed conditions coupled with comprehensive analytical services, advanced technologies, and tailored solutions can bring more products to market faster while maximizing yields to drive the most successful biologics and biosimilar development solutions.

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Sponsor: Catalent Biologics

Risk Management Strategies for Quality Management in the Pharmaceutical Industrys 
Available until Nov. 9, 2017

In this webinar, experts will explore a practical approach to risk management planning, the tools available for identifying and managing risks, and how to incorporate risk into an existing process.

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Sponsor: EtQ

Simple Steps to Speed Encapsulated Drug Development
Available until Nov. 10, 2017

Pharmaceutical organizations need to keep R&D efforts on time and on track. Learn  simple steps that can help accelerate crucial R&D steps and move an encapsulated product to market faster. 

Sponsor: Capsugel
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Biocompatibility Testing of Combination Devices – New Regulatory Guidance
Available until November 3, 2017 

Join us for this informative webinar to learn how to implement an efficient testing program for assessing the biocompatibility of your combination product and learn about the FDA’s new guidance document on ISO 10993-1.

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Sponsor: Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories and Eurofins Medical Device Testing

Reversed Phase Liquid Chromatography using Surrogate/Additional Stationary Phases
Available until Oct. 26, 2017 

Techniques that can increase the resolution between related substances and the API are vitally needed for establishing the identification, assay, and preparative output. In this webinar, analytical experts will present data on the use of a surrogate/additional stationary phase (SSP/ASP) bound to C18/ C8 reversed phase media, and the effect on the resolution parameters such as retention factor, efficiency factor, tailing factor, and the selectivity factor.

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Sponsored: Neuland

A Wireless Approach to Monitoring Systems in Complex, Regulated Environments
Available until Oct. 25, 2017

Learn about advances in wireless technology for networked sensors that monitor environmental conditions in complex, regulated environments.

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Sponsor: Vaisala

Strategies for IND Filing Success
Available until Oct. 21, 2017 

For small pharma companies advancing a new API to the IND stage for the first time, the application process and compilation of the supporting CMC information can seem daunting. In this webcast, experts will demystify the process and provide practical guidelines and instructions for filing successfully.

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Sponsor: Regis Technologies, Inc.

Implementing On-Dose Anticounterfeiting Technologies for Solid-Dose Drug Products
Available until Oct. 14, 2017

Learn about regulatory and manufacturing considerations when implementing on-dose verification technologies for branded solid oral dosage form drugs and how this technology can provide customized business intelligence at the dosage level without relying exclusively on product packaging. Industry experts will review FDA’s guidance on physical-chemical identifiers in solid dosage drug forms for the purpose of product security and will share real-world testing and piloting completed in manufacturing environments.

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Sponsor: TruTag Technologies, Inc.

Don't let the diluent be your weakest link in your drug product
Available until Oct. 13, 2017 

Given today’s high cost of drug development and the increasing number of new drugs utilizing lyophilization, it is critical to choose the right diluent option and diluent program to support the efficacy of your drug product. Vetter experts Daniela Guttmann, Product and Service Manager, and Karin Kottig, Manager Contract Service Analytics, provide valuable insight on the choices of diluent programs available, and what factors you should consider to make the right choice for your injectable. 

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Sponsor: Vetter

Employing a Lean Lab Approach to Optimize Lab Processes: Part 2 “Improve Productivity”
Available until Oct. 11, 2017

If Lean Lab is properly implemented, the results can be impressive, delivering simpler workflows and processes, reduced lead times, and increased laboratory efficiency. In Part 2 of this webinar, experts will give advice on how to identify the actions that have the biggest potential impact on improving lab productivity and determine the next step toward a lean lab.  

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Sponsor: Mettler Toledo

Getting the Full Picture: Predicting Protein Stability Using Chemical and Thermal Denaturation
Available until Sept. 28, 2017

Biologic drug formulators require an understanding of the stability of proteins over time. In this web seminar, experts describe the use of nanoDSF, a label-free differential scanning fluorimetry method, for automated analysis of chemical and thermal unfolding of protein samples.

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Sponsor: NanoTemper Technologies

Enabling Formulation of Water-Soluble and Water-Insoluble Molecules Using a Lipophilic Salt Approach
Available until Sept. 27, 2017

The use of lipophilic salt forms can give more APIs access to the well-established benefits of lipid formulations by overcoming certain product design constraints, such as the number and/or size of dosage unit. This webcast will describe an approach to prepare lipophilic salt forms for a range of APIs and formulate these in concentrated lipid formulations ready for oral delivery.

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Sponsor: Capsugel

New Trends in Hygienic Diaphragm Valves that Improve Reliability
Available until Sept. 22, 2017

The biopharmaceutical industry is under constant pressure to increase productivity, extend preventative maintenance intervals, and reduce overall operating costs—all without affecting product quality or purity. One area where performance can be improved is in the reliability of the facility’s hygienic diaphragm valves.

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Sponsor: ITT Engineered Valves

Best Practices for Effective Excipient Sourcing and Testing
Available until Sept. 20, 2017

A complex supply chain and the potential for lot-to-lot variability makes sourcing and testing of excipients and ongoing challenge for drug manufacturers. In this webcast, experts will review measures drug manufacturers must take to comply with regulatory requirements; outline best practices for selecting and working with excipient suppliers; ad explain challenges with excipient testing programs including compendial method verification.

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Sponsored: SGS

Sustained-Release Formulation: Overcoming Key Challenges Like Alcohol-Induced Dose Dumping
Available until September 13, 2017 

Sustained-release drugs offer patients benefits but present formulation challenges. In this webcast, experts review principles of sustained release formulation, as well as research conducted by the Free University of Berlin (Germany) and BASF, which investigated methods to successfully formulate sustained-release drugs that comply with regulatory requirements for alcohol-induced dose dumping.

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Sponsor: BASF

Understanding the Relationship between Critical Quality Attributes and the Microstructure of Topical Semi-Solid Formulations
Available until September 8, 2017 

R&D teams developing topical semi-solid dermatology products can gain an understanding of the key factors that influence the formation of the complex assemblage of microstructures that compose the Q3, as defined by the arrangement of matter in a formulation, as well as how the microstructure influences the critical quality and performance attributes of the final product.

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Sponsored: BASF

Amorphous Dispersion Drug Formulations: A Modern Simulation-Based Approach
Available until Sept. 07, 2017 

Nearly 75% of drugs in development have solubility challenges which often leads to failure in clinical trials. Fortunately, by addressing solubility earlier in a development program, timelines can be shortened and risks can be mitigated.

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Sponsor: Patheon

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