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New product reviews for April 2012.

Pharmaceutical Technology
Volume 36, Issue 4, pp. 26

In addition to measuring end-product quality, analytical tools can continuously measure process quality. New analytical testing equipment gives manufacturers more tools to quickly identify problems on line and thus better control quality. A sensor from Mettler Toledo measures on line total organic carbon levels in process water. A spectrometer from Mustard Tree Instruments measures chemical composition on line. Hiden Analytical's new flow-through membrane interfaces are used in a mass spectrometer that measures dissolved gases and vapors in aqueous solutions.

Sensor continuously measures total organic carbon levels

The new Thornton 5000TOCi sensor with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) from Mettler Toledo's Process Analytics Division continuously measures on line total organic carbon (TOC) levels in process water. The system can be used to monitor resin bed performance, quality of final rinse water, and the effectiveness of TOC-destruct UV lamps, for example. The sensor's fast response ensures that TOC excursions will not be missed. The new system simplifies data collection, uses a semi-automated process to improve calibration reliability, and eliminates sensitivity to system pressure changes. The system also simplifies maintenance with diagnostic data viewed on detailed sensor status screens.

Thornton 5000TOCi Sensor Mettler Toledo
The 5000TOCi can be used with Thornton's new M800 ISM color touch-screen transmitter, which is available in two versions that can operate up to either two or four sensors for various parameters including TOC, pH, and dissolved oxygen.

Raman spectrometer provides on line material verification and composition testing

Verifier Process System 1000 Mustard Tree Instruments
Mustard Tree Instruments introduced the Verifier Process System 1000 (VPS-1000) for on line chemical identification and composition testing of raw and blended materials. The VPS-1000's waterproof enclosure, which is about the size of a laptop computer, protects a sensitive Raman spectrometer that can be used for both qualitative and quantitative testing. The system can be controlled remotely and can operate in high temperatures and hygienic environments. Using laser technology to measure through a sight glass, the system eliminates human or instrument exposure to potent materials.

Mass spectrometer measures dissolved gases and vapors

HPR-40 Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Hiden Analytical
The HPR-40 Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer from Hiden Analytical has a new range of flow-through, semi-permeable interfaces designed to measure dissolved gases and vapors in liquid media that flows across or against the membrane surface. Interfaces designed for specific applications are continually being developed as needs arise. The HPR-40 can be used with flowing samples (using the circular membrane inlet), with single static samples (using the single probe membrane interface), or for multistream sampling (using 4-, 8-, 20-, 40-, and 80-way selectors). The HPR-40 benchtop system includes control and data analysis programs, and multi-stream samplers have automated, user-programmable sequencing.


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