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New product reviews for August 2012.

Pharmaceutical Technology
Volume 36, Issue 8, pp. 22

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations

Faster testing can improve efficiency of both the laboratory and the overall manufacturing process. This month's featured products are designed to be easier to use and to produce results faster while maintaining accuracy. A total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer from Swan Analytical measures TOC in pure and ultrapure water. A direct sample analysis system from Perkin Elmer eliminates sample preparation steps. A light-weight, portable particle counter from Kanomax has an increased flow rate.

Total organic carbon analyzer tests pharmaceutical water

AxION Direct Sample Analyzer and AxION TOF Mass Spectrometer System PerkinElmer
Swan Analytical's AMI Line total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer is designed for continuous, accurate measurement of TOC in pure and ultrapure water in the pharmaceutical industry. The instrument has a range of 0.1–1000 ppb TOC and a resolution of O.1 ppb. TOC is measured using UV oxidation and differential conductivity detection, with results in less than two minutes. The analyzer is designed for ease of performing a system suitability test (SST). Standard sucrose or benzoquinone solutions are automatically added, and grab samples can be taken by pushing a button. In addition, automatic sensor verification uses less expensive, durable, concentrated standards that are automatically diluted, which allows the user to verify the accuracy of the measurement without performing a SST. The analyzer's electronic drift stabilization provides long term, stable analysis results.

System reduces sample preparation for mass spectrometry

AMI Line TOC analyzer Swan Analytical
PerkinElmer's AxION Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) system is designed to introduce liquid, solid, and gas samples directly to PerkinElmer's AxION Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometer. The DSA system eliminates sample preparation steps and removes the need for front-end gas or liquid chromatography separation because samples can be directly introduced to the mass spectrometer. Using the DSA system reduces sample preparation time from a typical 25 min. down to 25 s. The integrated DSA system is entirely enclosed to prevent atmospheric contamination of samples and fully automated for fast data acquisition.

Portable particle counter is easy to transport

Model 3910 50LPM Portable Particle Counter Kanomax
The Kanomax Model 3910 50LPM Portable Particle Counter can simultaneously measure six particle sizes in tasks such as cleanroom verification, clean bench verification, filter testing, and facility certification. The model is designed to be small and light so that it is easy to transport and manage in the field. This model has an increased, 50 L/min flow rate, which increases testing speed. The unit has a stainless steel enclosure and is compliant with ISO 21501-4 and 21 CFR Part 11. The instrument features an intuitive, LCD touch screen and preprogrammed standards, and stores up to 10,000 measurements. An optional Climomaster probe measures air velocity, temperature, and humidity.


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