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Improving a Pharmaceutical Water System based on a Risk Analysis Approach
In this study, fault tree analysis applied to a water pretreatment and purification installation exposed cause-and-effect complex interrelations in possible fault events.

Pharmaceutical Technology

Arturo Toledo Rivero, PhD,* is a chemical engineer and head of the R&D department at Liorad Laboratories, Ave. 27A No. 26402, La Lisa, Havana, Cuba, tel. +537 2717935, fax +537 2717899,
Nelson Sierra Prado is a microbiologist and head of the validation group, QA department; Anamarys González Alvarez is a chemical engineer and pharmaceutical specialist at the R&D department; and Danelys Cardoza Lobaina is a chemical engineer and quality engineering specialist in the QA department, all at Liorad Laboratories.

*To whom all correspondence should be addressed.

Submitted: Aug. 8, 2007 Accepted: Aug. 20, 2007


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