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Ethyl Lactate as a Pharmaceutical-Grade Excipient and Development of a Sensitive Peroxide Assay
The authors investigate whether the addition of an antioxidant could be used to stabilize the solvent ethyl lactate by preventing the formation of peroxides.

Pharmaceutical Technology
Volume 33, Issue 5, pp. 74-84


Pharmaceutical-grade, purified ethyl lactate showed extended stability when AA or BHT were used as antioxidants. ELPG is an attractive solubilizing agent because of its low cost, low toxicity, environmentally sound nature, and its derivation from renewable resource. Stabilized ethyl lactate has potential in various pharmaceutical applications such as tablet coating, granulation, taste-masking, and inhalation propellants. Additionally, it may improve the solubility of many active pharmaceutical agents during processing.

Jason T. McConville* is an assistant professor and Thiago C. Carvalho is a graduate student and PhD candidate at the College of Pharmacy, Division of Pharmaceutics, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712–0231, tel. 512.471.0942,
. Shawn A. Kucera is a senior applications scientist at Evonik–Degussa Corporation, and Elizabeth Garza is an MD student at the Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago.

*To whom all correspondence should be addressed.

Submitted: June 10, 2008. Accepted: Aug. 12, 2008.

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