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Using NIR to Move Bioprocessing into a PAT Framework
The author provides a review of PAT and tools such as near infrared analysis that may facilitate the use of PAT in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical Technology
Volume 33, Issue 7


PAT is a useful paradigm and is making inroads into the biopharmaceutical industry, but the speed of acceptance has lagged behind other industries, including typical pharmaceuticals. This delay in acceptance is unfortunate because PAT initiatives, which are designed to develop a deeper understanding of the process and to control variability, could benefit biopharmaceuticals more than any other industry because biological systems are so inherently variable. NIR and other analytical tools required for this process understanding and variability control are already in place in other industries and will fit very well in all stages of biopharmaceutical manufacture. FDA encourages the use of these tools in a well-designed PAT process, and their use will reduce the time of manufacture and costs of reprocessed or out-of-specification product.

Todd Strother, PhD, is an applications scientist in the Scientific Instruments Division, Analyzer Group, at Thermo Fisher Scientific, 5225-4 Verona Road, Madison WI 53711, tel. 608.276.5626,


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