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Scoping out INTERPHEX
Visitors will see many packaging innovations at the annual industry exhibition.

Pharmaceutical Technology
Volume 36, Issue 4, pp. 42-48

Sanner addresses sensitive products with a range of desiccants and desiccant-equipped packaging components. (PHOTO IS COURTESY OF SANNER OF AMERICA.)
The optical inspection system can be used in conjunction with a high-capacity size grader that removes foreign objects; broken tablets and fragments, twins, and clusters; and twin, under-filled, and over-filled softgel capsules. Removable decks with fixed hole sizes ensure repeatable grading at up to 1 million doses/h. Whether integrated with up- or downstream equipment or run in stand-alone mode, changeover takes five minutes and involves removing the screens, wiping down the stainless steel bed, and snapping in screens for the new size (Impulse/P size grader, Symetix).

A camera/barcode scanner-based system inspects and verifies all labeled components (i.e. inserts, cartons, and other kit components) during final packaging assembly by comparing captured data with a PDF file. The system reads and matches product codes via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Optical Character Verification (OCV) and can be customized to match kit components against work orders or a component database, thus eliminating errors resulting from typed data. The system can be configured to require correct flow of kit packaging and identify extra or defective components or unused labels. A report details discrepancies. Optional features include seal inspection, product count, and confirmation that barcodes meet ANSI standards (Q-Spec, Complete Inspection Systems).

Statistical weight control, fast changeover and easy cleaning are features available on the AlterNova Capsule Filler from MG America. (PHOTO IS COURTESY OF MG AMERICA)
While current desiccant canisters lose as much as 40% of their moisture absorption capacity if one end of the canister is blocked by the package side wall or its contents, a new desiccant capsule absorbs moisture regardless of its position in a container. The capsule absorbs moisture through a paperboard disc on the top as well as through a gridded wall. A unique shape differentiates the canister from the solid dosage forms it protects and helps prevent accidental ingestion, which is a common customer complaint. In addition, canisters are less likely to break open because sides withstand greater pressure than competing products. Desiccant options include dust-free silica gel, activated carbon, and molecular sieve, as well as various combinations (360 Desiccant Capsules, Sanner of America).

The company also plans to display vials and tubes with stoppers or lids that contain integrated desiccants for packaging effervescent products, plus space-saving, test-strip packaging destined primarily for in-home diagnostics. The test-strip packaging integrates the drying agent in the base of the oval vial to optimize atmospheric conditions inside the package and offer better moisture protection for products like blood glucose test strips. The innovative design and one-hand opening make it easier to remove test strips and reduce the risk of contamination (StripTec One test-strip package, Sanner of America).

The small size and flexibility of the FLT small batch vial filler are designed for clinical trials. (PHOTO IS COURTESY OF BOSCH PACKAGING)
A nondestructive tester checks seal integrity and detects leaks in blister packs and in packaging with minimal head space, such as sachets and certain types of pouches including those with peelable seals. The system identifies defective packages through a combination of vacuum decay technology and differential force measurement. Measuring positive force deflections in the package results in higher test sensitivity. Capable of checking multiple packages in a single test cycle, the system provides a definitive pass/fail score for each item. With multi-cavity blister packs, the unit identifies the location of any defective cavity (VeriPac 410, PTI).


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