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Seeking Cold Chain Efficiency
Medication safety and efficacy depend on maintaining products at the proper temperature.

Pharmaceutical Technology
Volume 37, Issue 2

Going forward

Eventually, temperature-controlled shipping standards will be harmonized internationally. Near term, scrutiny will increase on every point in the supply chain, including mail order pharmacies. In fact, Ellinger of PakSense predicts, "more tracking of products throughout the entire cold-chain continuum—including the 'last mile.'" Bill Hingle, director of marketing at Cryopak, a division of TCP Reliable, agrees, noting that the many variables involved with protecting product to the point of use make the last mile the weakest link in the cold chain.

Cold-chain trends
Hingle also forecasts a shift from looking at packaging costs alone to considering all expenses related to maintaining products at the proper temperature during storage and transport. This change in financial tactics will coincide with a move away from more generic temperature-controlled packaging options to "truly qualified and validated solutions," says Mills of Intelsius.

The stronger emphasis on the big picture will prompt more partnerships among carriers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, and logistics providers to proactively monitor the cold chain. As a result, we'll see greater use of smart containers that can compensate for unexpected events like summer-time temperatures in February in New York City or a diverted flight that translates into eight extra hours on the tarmac in extreme heat or cold. "You don't want to lose high-value product or product that's in short supply or critically needed," concludes Payne of Intelleflex.


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