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Articles by Douglas McCormick

Douglas McCormick

Douglas McCormick is a former Editor-in-Chief of Pharmaceutical Technology.

What Will It Mean to the Patient?
March 2, 2007

Before we can intelligently set the limits of process variation, we need to know what the clinical impact of that variation will be.

Twenty-Two Warnings
February 2, 2007

We, the people who make drugs, are extraordinarily good at what we do.

FDA Proposes Ban on Cattle Tissue in Drugs
January 18, 2007

Rockville, MD (Jan. 12)-To prevent the spread of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and related diseases, the US Food and Drug Administration has proposed banning certain cattle tissues and tissue-products from the manufacture of drugs for human and ruminant use. Though cattle products are used in 75% of pharmaceutical processes and 90% of biotechnology processes, the Agency says that no approved or investigational drug appears to contain bovine material that would be prohibited under the rule.

DHS Proposes Regulations for Chemical Facilities
January 11, 2007

Washington, DC (Dec. 28)-The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has proposed regulations for improving security at high-risk chemical facilities, a category that may include some pharmaceutical production facilities.

Empty Cities, Outstretched Hands
January 2, 2007

Ninety million people live in California, Texas, New York, and Florida. Imagine that, sometime tonight, an unnameable catastrophe carries off everyone in those states over the age of 14. When the sun comes up tomorrow, only the children remain. Eighteen million children, left to care for one another or fend for themselves.

FDA CGMP Warning Letters in 2006
December 28, 2006

Pharmaceuticals current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) violations accounted for just 36 of the 441 Warning Letters issued by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2006.

US Court Delays FDA Drug Pedigree Requirements
December 21, 2006

The US Food and Drug Administration has modified its requirements for drug pedigrees accompanying wholesale pharmaceutical transactions, following a US District Court preliminary injunction barring the agency from enforcing certain provisions of the rule that was to have gone into effect on Dec. 1.

G. Steven Burrill's Biotech Outlook: What's Ahead in 2007, How We Fared in 2006
December 18, 2006

Biotechnology stocks dropped 14% in 2006, giving up more than half of the value they'd picked up during a "stellar" 2005, according to G. Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company (, the venture and merhant banking company. "Overall, it wasn't a great year for biotech," said Burrill in a year-end analysis, indicating that the biotechnology industry will finish the year with its collective market capitalization essentially unchanged, at approximately $490 billion.

As for the future, biotechnology will continue to fuel a the transformation in healthcare, a tansformation emphasizing earlier disease detection, more targeted treatments, and adjunctive support through enhanced nutrition. We will see further progress on the personalized, predictive, preventative front...with new products targeting the "individualization" of medicine in the marketplace. Other predictions for 2007 include...

Cardinal to Sell $1.8 Billion Contract Services Unit
December 8, 2006

Dublin, OH (Nov. 30)-Cardinal Health has announced plans to divest its Pharmaceutical Technologies and Services (PTS) segment, "a business that manufactures or packages 100 billion doses of medication every year for pharmaceutical and biotech firms, employs approximately 10,000 at more than 30 facilities worldwide and generates $1.8 billion in revenue," according to a company statement.


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Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
Expedited reviews of drug submissions
More stakeholder involvement
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