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Lean Manufacturing Improves Process Efficiency
Manufacturers can identify and reduce waste using tools such as value-stream mapping.
Implementing Supply-Chain Security
The US federal Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) and more specifically the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), referring to Title II of the law, requires phase-in of requirements to prevent counterfeiting. An expert discusses how companies should be preparing to meet the requirements of the DSCSA.
Industry Takes Steps to Prevent Counterfeit Drugs
The fight against counterfeit drugs is an international effort, as exemplified by the ?Fight the Fakes? campaign.
Comparing Manufacturing Process Options
A techno-economic profiling method supports pharmaceutical process development by helping identify the best manufacturing approach.
Pharma Investments Reflect Key Industry Trends
Shrinking facility size, growth of biologics, and emerging market demand influence pharma investments.
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies Expands Cell-Culture Capacity
Additional single-use bioreactors will meet demand and offer a low-risk route to market.
WuXi Facility Passes FDA Inspection for Manufacture of API
Shanghai SynTheAll Pharmaceutical facility passed inspections for API and advanced intermediate manufacture.
Continuous Filter Cleaning Improves Solid-Dosage Manufacturing
Nilfisk CFM White Line industrial vacuum cleaners with the InfiniClean automatic filter cleaning system reduce downtime in solid-dosage manufacturing.
Hovione's API Facility in Cork, Ireland Passes FDA Inspection
Hovione announced that its API plant in Cork, Ireland has successfully passed a pre-approval inspection by FDA.
Hospira Issues Recall Due to Mold Contamination
Puncture in container and overwrap cause leak in intravenous solution, leading to recall by Hospira.
Split Butterfly Valve Handles Potent Active Ingredients
A split butterfly valve from GEA Pharma Systems handles potent active ingredients.
G-CON Manufacturing Launches Transmissible Disease Containment POD
G-CON's newest autonomous cleanroom production POD supports transmissible disease containment needs.
Preengineered Media and Buffer Mixing Tank Ships Quickly
Terracon's TerraPro Mixer is a production-sized mixing tank for media and buffer preparation.
Gear Pump Drive Can Be Controlled Remotely
The Cole-Parmer Digital Gear Pump Drive for the Micropump A-Mount Pump Head is easy to operate for automated process applications
Automatic Filling System Reduces Risk
The fill-it system from TAP Biosystems is designed for safely dispensing biohazardous materials.
Where Should I Place My Sensors in Mapping Studies?
This 1-hour webinar covers best practice for deploying sensors in environmental mapping studies, including how many to use and where to put them. We examine how to justify sensor placement in environments of all sizes, from table-top incubators and small refrigerators, to cold rooms and warehouses.
Mixing Technologies in the Pharmaceutical & Medical Industries
This white paper presents an overview of mixing technologies implemented across many of today?s highly competitive pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as new equipment designs that are increasingly being recognized as potential solutions to prevailing mixing challenges. Mixing applications falling within the broad spectrum of mass produced pharmaceutical goods and medical devices are too many and complex to discuss in detail; hence this paper will touch on a few general classifications as well as a few examples within that mixing category. Phase and viscosity are used as bases for classification.
Clinical Trials Success Story: Monitoring Temperature
A clinical trials facility that conducts research for global sponsors was at risk of losing temperature data to monitoring equipment failure or lost records. If a recording device lost power during a power outage, or the battery died, the data would be lost forever. Read how they solved the issue.
Graceful Scale-Up of Mixing Systems
When acquiring a process that involves one or several mixing steps, foresight for scale-up or expansion remains to be a subtle but important factor for long-term success. As production requirements grow, your ability to shift gears smoothly, quickly, and efficiently is critical because it can spell the difference between an economical transition and a financial disaster.
Glass Delamination in Pharmaceutical Vials
There have been several recent drug recalls related to the appearance of glass particles in pharmaceutical solutions. In an effort to understand this phenomenon, we present the use of several surface analytical techniques to investigate the effects of pH on glass storage vials and the subsequent delamination of surface layers.
Contract Packagers Expand to Meet Demand
Device that Detects Counterfeit Drugs Gets Grant
Industry Takes Steps to Prevent Counterfeit Drugs
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