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Flexible Packaging Machines Maximize Efficiency
Modular design and quick-changeover features help deliver flexibility and maximize return on investment.
Ensuring Ergonomic Design in Sterile Transfer Ports
Isolators should be designed to enhance working conditions for end-users.
Sterilization of Blow-Fill-Seal Equipment for Aseptic Filling
Nitrogen dioxide can sterilize and depyrogenate an aseptic fill area in a blow-fill-seal process.
Trends in Manufacturing and Equipment
PharmTech's annual equipment and manufacturing survey shows gains in process analytical technology and indicates areas for future innovation.
Automating Online Sampling of Bioprocesses
The Modular Automated Sampling Technology platform allows sampling of bioreactors.
Baxter Issues Recall Due to Particulate Matter
Baxter Healthcare has initiated a nationwide recall of more than 20,000 containers of a pre-mixed beta blocker due to the presence of particulate matter.
Hospira Issues Recall Due to Mold Contamination
Puncture in container and overwrap cause leak in intravenous solution, leading to recall by Hospira.
Total Facility Solutions Opens Hygienic Fabrication Center
The fabrication facility will supply modular construction to the US life-science market.
System Improves Vial Drying and Handling
Garvey's vial-drying system and pressure-less accumulator reduces drying time and decreases the risk of vial damage.
Process Improvements Needed to Meet Global Pharma Demand
CPhI report warns industry must actively drive process improvements to meet growing global demand for pharmaceuticals.
Plastic Combination Conveyor Chain Increases Wear Life Without Lubrication
A hygiene-grade conveyor chain from FB Chain improves wear compared to stainless-steel chains.
MG2 Checkweigher Operates at High Speeds
The MG2 Selekta is a high-speed checkweigher and sorting machine for tablet production.
Adapter Aids Positioning of Syringes in Autoinjectors
Gerresheimer's Gx G-Fix adapter integrates prefilled glass syringes with polymer-based autoinjector devices.
Fette Tablet Press Produces High Volumes
Fette's FE75 Tablet Press is designed for large batches.
Tablet Dedusters Are Flexible and Efficient
Kraemer KD60 equipment conveys and dedusts vitamin and nutraceutical tablets.
Where Should I Place My Sensors in Mapping Studies?
This 1-hour webinar covers best practice for deploying sensors in environmental mapping studies, including how many to use and where to put them. We examine how to justify sensor placement in environments of all sizes, from table-top incubators and small refrigerators, to cold rooms and warehouses.
Mixing Technologies in the Pharmaceutical & Medical Industries
This white paper presents an overview of mixing technologies implemented across many of today?s highly competitive pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as new equipment designs that are increasingly being recognized as potential solutions to prevailing mixing challenges. Mixing applications falling within the broad spectrum of mass produced pharmaceutical goods and medical devices are too many and complex to discuss in detail; hence this paper will touch on a few general classifications as well as a few examples within that mixing category. Phase and viscosity are used as bases for classification.
Graceful Scale-Up of Mixing Systems
When acquiring a process that involves one or several mixing steps, foresight for scale-up or expansion remains to be a subtle but important factor for long-term success. As production requirements grow, your ability to shift gears smoothly, quickly, and efficiently is critical because it can spell the difference between an economical transition and a financial disaster.
Clinical Trials Success Story: Monitoring Temperature
A clinical trials facility that conducts research for global sponsors was at risk of losing temperature data to monitoring equipment failure or lost records. If a recording device lost power during a power outage, or the battery died, the data would be lost forever. Read how they solved the issue.
Glass Delamination in Pharmaceutical Vials
There have been several recent drug recalls related to the appearance of glass particles in pharmaceutical solutions. In an effort to understand this phenomenon, we present the use of several surface analytical techniques to investigate the effects of pH on glass storage vials and the subsequent delamination of surface layers.
Flexible Packaging Machines Maximize Efficiency
Packaging Innovations Abound
Packaging Innovations Displayed at INTERPHEX 2014
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