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Pharmaceutical Technology, Jun 2, 2008
Online Exclusive
A Broad Palette for Biological Drug Delivery
By Erik Greb
Although the spotlight is now on nanoparticulate delivery for biologicals, other strategies have proven successful.
Contamination Prevention: How Single-Use Systems Can Ensure a Safe, Clean, and Efficient Bioprocess Environment
By John Boehm , Brent Bushnell
The authors focus on how single-use systems effectively control three potential sources of common contamination: cross contamination, microbial contamination and biologic contamination of the process facility.
Innovations at INTERPHEX: Part 2
By Hallie Forcinio
New products for sterile filling, quality control, and anticounterfeiting measures gained notice.
Preformulation in Theory and Practice
By Greg Amidon , Ruey-ching (Richard) Hwang, PhD
An ambitious survey of characterization techniques presents current information.
Special Report
Small Wonder: Nanoparticle Strategies for Biological Drugs
By Erik Greb
Nanoparticle-based systems present many advantages for the delivery of current and emerging biological drugs.
Cell Manufacturing on a Large Scale
By Michelle Hoffman
Creating a kinder, gentler manufacturing process that doesn't kill the product is the goal of process developers doing large-scale cell culture for cell therapy.
Peer-Reviewed Research
Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: The Challenge of Global Regulatory Compliance
By Kelly Davis
The author provides an overview of key regulatory issues facing companies seeking to market their biopharmaceutical agents globally.
Variability of USP Lot P Prednisone Reference Standard Tablets
By Walter W. Hauck, PhD , Gang Deng , Maria J. Glasgow , Mark R. Lidell , Pallavi Nithyanandan , Roger L. Williams
The authors demonstrate that anecdotal reports of prednisone tablet variability are inaccurate.
Ingredients Insider
Antibody Drug Conjugates: A Marriage of Biologics and Small Molecules
By Patricia Van Arnum
Antibody drug conjugates offer a niche opportunity in drug development and contract manufacturing.
Outsourcing Outlook
Toward a New Model for Contract Manufacturing
By Jim Miller
Global manufacturing excellence will be a game changer for CMOs that can achieve it.
Washington Report
Healthcare Reform Proposals Challenge Manufacturers
By Jill Wechsler
Comparative-effectiveness analysis aims to promote appropriate pharmaceutical spending.
The Use of Complaining
By Control, a senior compliance officer
Customers complaining lead to some serious explaining.
Can Transparency=Trust?
By John Swen
Letting the public inside the drug development process may increase their faith in what we do.
From The Editor
Public Service Versus Self-Service
By Michelle Hoffman
The good, the bad, and the ugly about direct-to-consumer advertising.
PharmTech Talk
PDA Takes On Risks for Patients
By Maribel Rios
Risk management, and its benefits for patients, plays a big role at the PDA Annual Meeting.
Report from: India
By A. Nair
With rising drug deveopment costs and burdensome clinical trials, Indian-based firms are transferring their research departments to other entities in hopes of saving cash, mitigating risk, and ultimately, buying back the rewards.
Coming Down the Pike: Endocannabinoids
By Michelle Hoffman
Scientists are uncovering signaling systems that operate via cannabinoid messenger molecules.
In the Spotlight
In the Spotlight
Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations
Pharma Capsules
Pharma Capsules
Brief pharmaceutical news items for June 2008.


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What role should the US government play in the current Ebola outbreak?
Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
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No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
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