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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Dec 1, 2009
Special Feature
Aseptic challenges: the experts' view
By David Henderson JR , Nicola Magriotis , Jerold Martin
What have been the key innovations that have shaped current aseptic practices and techniques?
Aseptic challenges
By Corrine Lawrence
Each sector of the pharma industry is fraught with challenges and weighty regulations; aseptic processes and techniques are no exception.
Innovations in aseptic technology
By Benoît Verjans*
Closed vial technology has been designed to address the challenges — potential contamination, counterfeiting and process complexity — associated with the aseptic filling of injectable drugs.
How to minimize the limitations of roll compaction
By Imjak Jeon , Bikrom Maurya , Tiziana Gilli , Thierry F. Vandamme , Gabriele Betz
The application of roll compaction as a dry granulation method for three different drug types — herbal dry extract, poorly compactable drug and a sustained-release matrix tablet &#amp;151; was examined.
Preparing solid samples reliably and rapidly
By Mark Fish , Mike Pollard
Manual sample preparation methods for solid dose pharmaceuticals have a number of inherent disadvantages, primarily because they are time consuming and unpredictable.
Long-term QA trends in pharma
By Norbert Skubch , Thomas Zimmer
The quality assurance environment is forcing pharmaceutical companies to face new challenges. In light of this, the authors conducted a study of professionals from some of the world's top pharmaceutical companies to identify key QA concerns.
Ask the Expert
Outsourcing stem cell storage
By Patrick Jackson
Why is the correct storage of stem cells so important for the future of medical innovation?
Outsourcing Review
Squeezed for cash
By Jim Miller
Big Pharma's efforts to reduce working capital will hurt CMOs for years to come.
Europe continues to battle counterfeiters
By Faiz Kermani
Governments, regulators and international agencies continue to defend against counterfeiters; in particular, the European Commission has outlined measures that may help to better regulate pharmaceutical distributors.
Talking Point
The way forward for process monitoring and control
By Jeffrey Hirsch
When it comes to quality assurance and quality control in pharmaceutical solid dose manufacture, Fourier-Transform Near Infrared spectroscopy may be the answer.
A round up of news from across the globe.
Editor's Comment
With thanks
By Fedra Pavlou
It's the end of the year already and I hope you are looking forward to the festive period and the opportunity to wind down and spend some quality time with family and friends.


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FDASIA was signed into law two years ago. Where has the most progress been made in implementation?
Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
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Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
Expedited reviews of drug submissions
More stakeholder involvement
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