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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Jan 1, 2010
Special Feature
The future of drug delivery
By Fedra Pavlou , Corrine Lawrence , Stephanie Sutton
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe discusses some of the innovations in drug delivery that could shape the future of the pharma market.
Developing a vaccine that is stable at room temperature for 8 weeks
By Satoshi Ohtake
There is a pressing need to improve the storage stability of currently available vaccines, and achieving this could facilitate mass vaccination campaigns and increase vaccination coverage on a global scale — particularly to underserved and remote regions of the world.
A new generation of transdermal delivery
By Kris Hansen
Transdermal drug delivery is valued by patients and physicians for the comfort and convenience it offers — no needles, no pills and ease of use
Tumour-penetrating microparticles
By Jessie Au
Tumour-penetrating microparticles (TPM), drug delivery vehicles that have been designed to specifically target and infiltrate peritoneal tumours, are more efficacious than standard chemotherapy, according to our preliminary research data.
Optimizing inhaler mouthpiece design
By Michael Hindle
Only around 10–20% of asthma medications are delivered to the lungs because of the barrier-nature of the respiratory tract and medication loss in the inhaler during the inhalation process.
Medicated chewing gum
By Roser Amposta
As a drug delivery vehicle, chewing gum enables rapid drug absorption through the oral mucosa to achieve fast onset of action and bioavailability.
Why animal studies cannot suitably assess nanomedicines
By Nirmala Bhogal , Rita Seabra
Engineered nanoparticles are being increasingly investigated as a way to improve medicinal products by overcoming problems with bioavailability, stability and toxicity.
eCTD now mandatory for the Centralized Procedure
By Fedra Pavlou
This month sees Europe make its move towards electronic submissions harmonization, but is it ready?
Outsourcing Review
The year ahead
By Jim Miller
It's customary among columnists to begin a new year with some predictions about what's to come. We don't honour that custom every year, but with what the contract services industry went through in 2009, it seemed appropriate to share thoughts on what we expect for 2010.
Another twist in the EU parallel trade saga?
By Faiz Kermani
The free movement of goods across Europe might be beneficial for some, but for pharmaceutical companies, the parallel trade of medicines is not welcomed, and is viewed as a system that can damage patient safety and innovation
The winning formula for a generics business
By Robert Wessman
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe interviews Robert Wessman, Executive Chairman and a major shareholder of the Alvogen Group, and former CEO of generics company Actavis, on strategies for success in generics.
Book Review
Handbook of Excipients, 6th Edition: a book review
By Fridrun Podczeck
At the end of August 2009, the 6th Edition of the Handbook of Excipients appeared in print (both hard copy and interactive CD ROM).
A round up of news from across the globe.
Editor's Comment
Can you predict 2010
By Fedra Pavlou
As with most others, the pharmaceutical industry is entering 2010 with trepidation; will this year bring a similar number of headline grabbing announcements of mergers and acquisitions, plant closures, job cuts, restructuring, etc.


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What role should the US government play in the current Ebola outbreak?
Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
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