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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Feb 1, 2010
Special Feature
Biopharmaceuticals: saving the future of our industry
By Fedra Pavlou , Corrine Lawrence , Stephanie Sutton
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe discusses some of the latest challenges and innovations that are expected to define the future of pharma.
Commercialising cellular therapies faster
By Lucy Foley , Andrew Lyddiatt
There is much scientific evidence of the early successes of whole cell therapies as disease cures in chronic conditions and disease-modifiers in acute conditions, but limited cases of successfully transferring these discoveries to commercial products or therapies.
Boosting efficiency and safety by minimising aggregation
Last year, the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) decided that a new biopharmaceutical cancer drug costing £3000 per month, which could extend a patient's life by 6 months, was not value for money and would not be prescribed in the UK.
Trends and challenges of biopharma manufacturing
By David Mead
The whole pharma/biopharma industry is under pressure to deliver cost-effective new drugs; however, the number of new drug applications is getting lower as the size of investment is increasing.
Achieving site-specific PEGylation
By Keith Powell
PEGylation has been around for 30 years and it is surprising that it is still widely used given the significant advances that have been made in biopharmaceutical manufacture since then. So why is this the case?
Implications and Opportunities of Applying QbD Principles to Analytical Measurements
By Mark Schweitzer , Matthias Pohl , Melissa Hanna-Brown , Phil Nethercote , Phil Borman , Gordon Hansen , Kevin Smith (Cephalon) , Jaqueline Larew
The authors present two concepts to improve robustness and facilitate continuous improvement in analytical methods.
Multivariate data analysis easily retrieves insight from a wealth of data
By Uwe Thissen , Kees van de Voort Maarschalk , Carina Rubingh
Statistics are often viewed as confusing and complicated, but multivariate data analysis (MVA) methods can be used to amass knowledge simply.
Cushioning pharma's fall from the patent precipice
By Haydn Evans
Pharma faces imminent expiries of key patents and increasing competition from generics. To protect what they already have, or what they will invent or acquire, companies must give patent protection the attention it deserves.
Rise of the robots
By Bernd Webel
Although once used only for large production processes, robotics are now working their way into every aspect of the pharma manufacturing processes.
EU pricing dilemmas
By Faiz Kermani
Although representing a huge market, the EU also presents problems that hamper profitability— particularly when it comes to differing price regulations across member states.
Your predictions for 2010
Just before the end of 2009 we gave visitors to our website the opportunity to make some predictions about the 2010 pharma industry… and now it's time for the results.
A round up of news from across the globe.
Editor's Comment
Is change good for you?
By Fedra Pavlou
With the pharmaceutical industry being in a current state of unrest in light of the recent spate of mergers, acquisitions, job cuts, divestments, patent expiries, and so on, we wanted to know how you felt about all these changes that will have directly or indirectly affected you.


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What role should the US government play in the current Ebola outbreak?
Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
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Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
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