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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Mar 1, 2010
Special Feature
Focus on freeze drying digital supplement
Our digital magazine takes a close look at the challenges and trends of lyophilisation, as well as some of the latest innovations.
Challenges and trends in lyophilization
By Octoplus
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe discusses some of the latest challenges and innovations in pharmaceutical lyophilization.
Thermal fingerprinting: a way to optimize lyophilization
By Enric Jo
Freeze drying is widely used in pharmaceuticals to improve the long-term storage stability of labile drugs.
Selecting a freeze dryer
By T.N. Thompson
The most important consideration when choosing a freeze dryer is to ensure the system is fit for both today's applications and future needs.
Nanotechnology: A lifeline for drying pharma pipelines?
By Jamie C. Oliver , Adriana Vela , Gary Liversidge , Mike Eaton
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe spoke with experts about the developments that have shaped the nanotechnology industry today and the benefits that this technology has to offer the pharmaceutical industry, which remain largely untapped.
Moisture-activated dry granulation: The 'one-pot' process
By Ismat Ullah , Jennifer Wang
Moisture-activated drying granulation is a simple and effective process for particle size enlargement.
SMEDDS incorporated polymer matrix: A floating dosage form solution for drugs with poor gastric solubility
By Ashok R. Patel , Pradeep R. Vavia
A new kind of gastro-retentive dosage form for drugs with poor aqueous solubility was developed and evaluated, with the aim of achieving gastro-retention.
Ask the Expert
Enhancing the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs
By Peter G. Nielsen
Although efforts have been made to improve solubility, many poorly soluble drugs still reach the market. Peter Nielsen discusses new developments in solubilisation technology, which could help those companies seeking to reinvigorate marketed products.
Reinvigorating European R&D innovation
By Faiz Kermani
Could a collaborative approach involving both public and private parties offer a solution to Europe's lack of innovation?
A round up of some of the news and trends from across the globe.
Editor's Comment
Lyo controversies
By Fedra Pavlou
Last year, a member of the PTE editorial team attended the 2nd Annual Lyophilisation Conference in London (UK).


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Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
Expedited reviews of drug submissions
More stakeholder involvement
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