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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Jul 1, 2010
Special Feature
Can Pharma Keep Pace With The Counterfeiters?
This month, PTE speaks with experts to reveal the true extent of the threat that counterfeiting presents to the pharmaceutical industry.
Obstacles To Implementing An Effective Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy: Can They Be Overcome?
By Mark Davison
The effects of counterfeiting are hard to measure, both in human impact and financial loss.
EU Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation On Its Way
By Frederic Menardo , Graham Smith
In order to combat the threat of counterfeits in Europe, the EU's current anti-counterfeiting directive is being amended.
Data Matrix Barcodes: You Can't Control What You Can't Measure
By Sergej Toedtli
Wyatt Earp, the legendary sheriff of Tombstone used to solve troubles in a simple way: aiming, pulling the trigger and bang! ... problem eliminated! Some manufacturers check the readability of their barcodes in the same way.
Data Matrix Barcodes: Print Quality and Popularity On The Up
By Martin Morrison
The 2D Data Matrix barcode is a familiar sight for most pharmaceutical manufacturers as printing is implemented to meet certain regulations.
How Raman Spectroscopy Is Benefitting Developing And Developed Countries
By Duane Sword
To date, the pharmaceutical industry's primary defence to counterfeiting is to create more sophisticated packaging that makes imitation more difficult, such as packaging involving barcoding and RFID.
Authenticating Drugs With Edible Microtags
By Mike O'Neill
On-dose authentication, such as edible microtags, is a relatively new market that has been quietly developing but has the capability to provide new forms of anti-counterfeiting tools.
The Power Of X-Ray Analysis
By Detlef Beckers
X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) is a versatile, non-destructive technique that reveals detailed information about pharmaceuticals.
Capturing The Advantages Of Co-Crystals
By Inna Miroshnyk , Sabiruddin Mirza
How can crystal engineering and pharma sciences be combined to enhance the clinical performance of drugs?
US Pharmacopeia Sets Five-Year Goals
By Laura N. Provan
The US Pharmacopeia recently convened a meeting of stakeholders to set goals for its 2010–2015 cycle.
Outsourcing Review
Be Careful What You Wish For
By Jim Miller
Rising labour rates in China may reduce its cost advantage, but will probably result in western suppliers facing more competition for higher value services.
Reducing The Number Of Failures In Early Stage Development
By Faiz Kermani
Phase 0 studies, though not widely accepted, could effectively bridge the gap between preclinical and Phase I studies, and reduce the number of drug failures owing to differences in drug behaviour between animals and humans.
Talking Point
Regulatory Challenges Are Hindering The Use Of Novel Excipients
By Kate Denton
Europe needs a more standardised and consistent approach for supplying excipient information to the regulators.
Advances in film coating
By Xavier Parissaux
Xavier Parissaux of Roquette explains why the pharma industry's need to reduce organic solvent use is driving innovation in film coatings.
How India and China are attracting R&D spend from the West.
Editor's Comment
Counterfeit conundrum
By Fedra Pavlou
We decided to dedicate this month's issue of PTE to a topic that affects all of our readers; the threat of counterfeit medicines.


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Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
Expedited reviews of drug submissions
More stakeholder involvement
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