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Pharmaceutical Technology, Nov 2, 2010
Online Exclusives
In Vivo Evaluation Using Gamma Scintigraphy
By Rakesh Pahwa , Himanshu Dutt , Vipin Kumar , Prabodh Chander Sharma
The authors discuss gamma scintigraphy as a technique for in vivo evaluation of drugs and delivery systems.
Keep It Clean
By Richard Hwang , Jack N. Duranto
A recent book offers an excellent overview of cleaning validation.
Special Report
Solubilizing the Insoluble
By Patricia Van Arnum
An analysis of the approaches and tools used to tackle the problem of poorly soluble drugs.
China's State Food and Drug Administration Discusses Drug Applications
A Q&A with officers of the departments of State Food and Drug Administration, China, moderated by Ji Xie.
Automated Inspection of Pharmaceutical Products
By Michelle Hoffman
A conversation with Mike de la Montaigne, president of Eisai Machinery, USA Inc., about the possibilities for conducting fully automated product inspections.
Ingredients Insider
Advances in Solid-State Chemistry
By Patricia Van Arnum
Industrial and academic partnerships forge new territory in solid-state chemistry.
Formulation Development Forum: Abuse-deterrent combination drugs
By Patricia Van Arnum
Abuse-deterrent combination drugs represent a niche area in formulation development.
A Proposed Content-Uniformity Test for Large Sample Sizes
By James Bergum , Kim Erland Vukovinsky
The authors describe a modified version of the Large-N test used to determine content uniformity.
Development of an Osmotically Controlled Drug-Delivery System of Glipizide
By Ritesh B. Patel , Rakesh P. Patel , Madhabhai M. Patel
The authors describe the development of an inclusion complex of GLZ and formulated an extended-release dosage form based on osmotic technology.
Orally Disintegrating Tablets Using Starch and Fructose
By Javier O. Morales , Michelle Horng , Aubrey M. Gregg , Jason T. McConville
The authors demonstrated that ODTs can be obtained by direct compression of a mixture of starch, fructose, and SMCC.
Featured Content
Method Development for Laser-Diffraction Particle-Size Analysis
By Anne Virden
The author examines the process of method development, with reference to ISO 13320:2009 and relevant monographs from the United States and European pharmacopoeias.
Solutol HS15 as a Novel Excipient
By Sherry Ku , Ranga Velagaleti, PhD
The authors present an update to the Wyeth/BASF experience with the IPEC Novel Excipient Safety Evaluation Procedure.
Guest Editorial
Ideas Know No Borders
By Danny D. Shen
As technology advances, industry's needs are growing.
PharmTech Talk
Innovation In Depth
By Angie Drakulich
Connecting science and policy might increase support for innovation.
Agent-in Place
Balancing Act
By Control, a senior compliance officer
Remaining calm, cool, and collected during mergers and inspections is a feat in itself.
Report from India
By A. Nair
IP rights and levels of innovation have opened a bit of controversy regarding decisions being made by Indian courts and legislators.
Global Healthcare on the Ground: Merck and AstraZeneca Tackle Cervical Cancer and Tuberculosis
By Angie Drakulich
Merck and AstraZeneca Tackle Cervical Cancer and Tuberculosis.
In the Spotlight
In the Spotlight
Editors' picks of pharmaceutical science and technology innovations.
Washington Report
Comparative Research Poses Challenges
By Jill Wechsler
A new center may provide evidence for improving care, but could discourage coverage of treatments.
Packaging Forum
Used Is the New "New"
By Hallie Forcinio
Used packaging equipment can be a cost-saving, time-saving alternative to new machines.
Statistical Solutions
Walk Like a Statistician
By Lynn D. Torbeck
Applied statisticians are forever searching for the enemy of quality—variability.
Inside USP
Inside USP: Adulteration and Contamination Awareness
By Anthony J. DeStefano, PhD
USP is working to ensure quality standards and to increase public information.
Insider Solutions
Insider Solutions Rule #1: Be in Compliance
By Susan J. Schniepp
Drug manufacturers have to be more than just "audit ready."
Outsourcing Outlook
Outsourcing Winners in 2014
By Eric Langer
Post recession and beyond, which contract service providers will still be standing?
Industry Leaders
Q&A with Stuart Needleman, Aptuit
Stuart Needleman, president of active-ingredient development and manufacturing at Aptuit, discusses industry trends and challenges.
A Common Future Requires Collaboration
By Michael Buchmann
Scientists and practitioners must work together for the overall good of the patient.


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Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
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