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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Feb 11, 2011
Special Feature
Trends In Prefilled Syringes
By Oskar Gold
An interview with Vetter's Oskar Gold about the trends and growth in prefilled syringes.
Prefilled Syringes: Challenges, Innovations And Market
By Raul Soikes
The pharma industry is constantly seeking drug delivery technologies that can increase compliance, improve the quality of delivered care, reduce medication errors and reduce the possibility of admixture-related contamination.
Needle-Free Injection
By Dr Charles Potter
Needle-free injection technologies have been developed for injecting liquid formulations, as well as injecting drugs and vaccines in a solid dosage form.
Why Syringes Continue To Dominate The Parenteral Drug Delivery Market
By William Dierick
The application of the first piston syringes to treat medical complications was described in Roman times during the 1st century, and forms of intravenous injection and infusion began as early as 1670.
Drug Delivery
Characterizing A Nasal Spray Formulation From Droplet To API Particle Size
By Paul Kippax , Deborah Huck , Carl Levoguer , Anne Virden , Julie Suman
The way in which a suspension nasal spray product interacts with the body depends not only on the droplet size of the delivered droplet, but also on the particle size of the suspended API.
The Growing Importance Of Release Liners In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
By Martha Sloboda
With the increasing importance of novel dosage forms, the use of release liners as components of transdermal delivery systems, oral thin films and buccal mucosal systems is on the rise.
Ask the Expert
Overcoming The Misconceptions Of Continuous Processing
By Kris Schoeters
Kris Schoeters of GEA Pharma Systems explains how pharma's uptake of continuous processing is changing.
Disposables Advisor
Trends Towards Standardisation
By Jerold Martin
Over the past 10 years or so, we've seen single-use technologies explode from production-scale filter capsules, tubing and simple biocontainers to encompass sterile connectors, membrane chromatography adsorbers, bioreactors, mixers, and integrated platform systems with increasing levels of sensors and automated controls.
Industry Insider
Generics Dispute EU-India Trade Negotiations
By Nathan Jessop
The recent India–EU summit was expected to bring news about the upcoming Free Trade Agreement between the EU and India; however, a dispute regarding the supply of generic drugs from India to developing countries has taken centre stage.
GSK to pay more than $4 billion for criminal and legal charges; FDA gains food recall authority... are drugs next?
Editor's Comment
Trade show trade down?
By Fedra Pavlou
I can't remember a day go by in the last few years when I haven't received an email or item of mail inviting me to attend a conference or trade event


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Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
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