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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Mar 7, 2011
Editor's Comment
It's Goodbye From Me
By Fedra Pavlou , Rich Whitworth
This issue will mark the last issue for me as Editor of PTE. It's time for me to move on to pastures new and to say my goodbyes.
Special Feature
Direct Compression Versus Granulation
By Liesbeth Meeus
Compressed tablets are the most widely used solid dosage form so they must satisfy a number of physical requirements in terms of hardness, disintegration ability, friability and uniformity.
Moisture-Activated Dry Granulation
By Ismat Ullah
Moisture Activated Dry Granulation (MADG) was developed in response to the difficulties experienced with wet granulation, in terms of endpoint, drying and milling. Wet granulation process endpoint is very sensitive to granulation time and shear. The wet granules need to be dried to a narrow range of moisture contents, which is difficult. The dried granules need to be milled, but the milled granules often have either too many fines or too many coarse particles (or both) — an undesirable bimodal distribution.
One-Pot Processing And The Benefits For Granulation
By Griet Van Vaerenbergh
One-pot processing is a term that includes any technology that combines different unit operations of a pharmaceutical production process into one machine.
Pros And Cons Of Roll Compaction
By Imjak Jeon
There are two types of widely used dry granulation methods: slugging and roll compaction. Currently, roll compaction is preferred to slugging because it offers greater capacity and ease of process control.
Establishing Endpoints
By Tim Freeman
The unit selected for wet granulation, whether it be a high shear mixer or a fluidised bed, has a marked impact on granule properties.
Using Particle Size Analysis To Track The Granulation Process
By Alon Vaisman
Use of in-process particle size analysis has enabled pharmaceutical scientists and process engineers to track the progress of a granulation process and detect its endpoint.
Peer-Reviewed Research
Improving Solid Dosage Forms With Dry Granulation
By Steve Boswell , Geoff Smith
Although tablet manufacture is traditionally a batchbased wet granulation process, there are many advantages to be gained by adopting dry granulation, including lower costs and increased yields.
Calculating And Understanding Particulate Contamination Risk
By Mattias Haag
The author presents a method to calculate the relationship between supply air volume flow and airborne particle concentrations.
The Benefits Of Tablet Tooling Standardisation
By Steve Deakin
Tooling standardisation in the tablet manufacturing industry is a topic that has concerned tabletting professionals for decades.
Industry Insider
Drug Scandal Shocks France
By Nathan Jessop
In France, public confidence in health authorities and pharmaceutical industry has been shaken by a safety scandal over the drug Mediator (benfluorex hydrochloride).
Magnetically Controlling Pills For Better Drug Delivery
Many solid oral dosage forms do not dissolve at the correct place in the gastrointestinal tract for them to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Could magnets solve the problem?
With the future of healthcare revolving more and more around patient empowerment, data and healthy outcomes, the big question is can the traditionally slow and reserved pharma industry keep up with the new era?


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Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
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