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Pharmaceutical Technology Europe, Sep 1, 2011
Editor's Comment
I Spy CPhI
By Rich Whitworth
Summer can often feel like a quiet month for the pharma industry in Europe.
Special Feature
Improving R&D with API microdosing
By David Edwards
Direct dosing APIs during R&D studies can reduce the overall testing time of a drug candidate by allowing for a greater throughput of compounds through the R&D department.
The Fine Chemicals Market
By Andreas Stolle
The increased trend of outsourcing coupled with a relatively strong economy has seen the fine chemicals market grow at a very high level when compared to historical data.
Highly Potent; Highly Challenging?
By Mark Griffiths
Highly potent APIs (HPAPIs) represent a growing area of interest for the pharma industry. Mark Griffiths, CEO of Carbogen Amcis AG, explains why.
API Purification
By Peter Koklitis
Recently, there have been many innovations in the latest techniques and technologies in API purification. In particular, the trend to single-use systems has had a significant impact on processes.
HPAPIs And Bioconjugates
By Tom Gelineau
The market for HPAPIs is growing rapidly with the research industry's emphasis on oncology.
API Market Challenges
By Boris Jenniches
The increasing cost of crucial manufacturing input factors, such as energy and raw materials, has been a severe threat to several companies.
Chewing Over API Challenges
By Marc Ribe
We're all familiar with traditional pills and medicines, but how about medicated chewing gum? Marc Ribe of Cafosa Gum explains how APIs can be incorporated into a novel dosage form that can aid patient compliance.
'Thinking Inside The Box' To Encourage Innovation
By Haydn Evans
By introducing a Patent Box scheme that offers reduced taxes to innovative companies, the UK government hopes to encourage investment in the country.
Particulate Quality Of Single-Use Filling Systems
By Jerold Martin
Strategies to minimise particle levels in the finished product when using single-use technologies downstream of final filters.
FT-IR Identification: the Expertise Required To Ensure Compliance
By Paul Smith , Jerry Sellors
By providing an information "fingerprint", infrared red spectroscopy is a useful tool for identifying counterfeit pharmaceuticals. The authors identify best practices for ensuring compliance.
Achieving Aseptic Drying With Spray Drying Technologies
By Henrik Schwartzbach
Henrik Schwartzbach, senior process technologist at GEA Niro, explins why spray drying is seeing increased uptake in the pharma industry.
Carbohydrates For Injection
By Elham Blouet
Elham Blouet from Roquette explains the importance of carbohydrates for injection and the challenges in this niche market.
Industry Insider
Health Technology Assessment Under Scrutiny
By Nathan Jessop
The rising cost of healthcare has complicated the introduction of new, innovative drugs and other medical technologies. While the medical impact of these healthcare advances cannot be denied, governments and healthcare policy makers have found it difficult to sustain the funding of these expensive treatments.
By Stephanie Sutton
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Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
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