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Pharmaceutical Technology, Nov 2, 2011
Special Reports
Managing the Global Clinical-Trial Material Supply Chain
By Patricia Van Arnum
Pharma companies and their suppliers are tasked with managing an evermore complex clinical-trial material supply chain.
Using Simulation to Improve Drug-Delivery Effectiveness
By Marc Horner , Ralf Kroeger
Pharmaceutical companies are responding to the high cost of introducing new drugs to market in different ways.
Special Features
PQRI Case Study (5): Nonsterile Facility Cleaning Requirements
By Ted Frank , Stephen Brooks , Kristin Murray , Steve Reich , Ed Sanchez , Brian Hasselbalch , Kwame Obeng , Richard Creekmore
The fifth in a series of eight case studies from the Product Quality Research Institute focuses on nonsterile facility cleaning requirements.
Peer-Reviewed Research
Near Infrared Analysis of Tablets Containing Two Active Ingredients
By Robert Mattes , Denise Root , Ed Brunson , Suresh Potharaju , Wen Qu , James Johnson , Hassan Almoazen
The study evaluates near-infrared analysis of tablets nominally containing 4 mg of chlorpheniramine maleate and 10 mg of phenylephrine hydrochloride per dose.
Water-Intrusion Test Integration
By Magnus Stering , Nicolas Debruyne , Gianfranco Castiglioni
The authors describe the operational qualification of test accuracy with regard to temperature drift using a thermal-compensation algorithm on several freeze dryers.
From The Editor
Passion, Innovation, and Loss
By Michelle Hoffman
At a time when the industry is struggling with innovation, it might do well to learn a lesson from a few great innovators.
PharmTech Talk
Super Fast Pharma
By Rich Whitworth
British racing car company and GlaxoSmithKline team up on a winning formula for innovation.
In the Field
Report from Russia
By Sean Milmo
Russia is aiming to provide an alternative to China and India for drug manufacturing, including APIs.
Global Healthcare on the Ground: Novartis Focuses on Treating Rare Diseases
By Angie Drakulich
Novartis AG and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation have been focusing research efforts on rare diseases since the company was established in 1996.
Easy on the Alcohol!
By Control, a senior compliance officer
Careful mixing during a product's distillation can help avert trouble from a strong concoction.
In the Spotlight
In the Spotlight
New product reviews for November 2011.
Washington Report
Drug Shortages Create Crisis for Manufacturers, Regulators
By Jill Wechsler
Clamor mounts over compromised care and rising costs due to lack of crucial therapies.
Growth for Small Pharma
By Mauli Teli , Vinita Vasanth , Dinkar Saran
Small drug companies with hopes of achieving $1 billion in sales can pursue various strategies.
Pharma Ingredients
Catalyzing the Synthesis
By Patricia Van Arnum
Researchers develop various catalytic approaches for improving yield, purity, stereoselectivity, and process conditions.
Outsourcing Outlook
Biosimilars' Technology Needs
By Eric Langer
Biosimilar manufacturers need better expression systems and analytical tools to compete.
Turning around Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in the US
By Fernando Muzzio , Mauricio Futran
The authors propose a plan to keep the US pharma industry afloat and in the lead.


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What role should the US government play in the current Ebola outbreak?
Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
Finance development of drugs to treat/prevent disease.
Oversee medical treatment of patients in the US.
Provide treatment for patients globally.
All of the above.
No government involvement in patient treatment or drug development.
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