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Pharmaceutical Technology, Jan 2, 2014
Cover Story
The Future of Dosage Forms
By Patricia Van Arnum
How will the move to more specialized and personalized medicines impact drug delivery and dosage forms?
Drug Delivery
UK Biotech Gains Momentum
By Steve Bates
To gain insights into the current trends of the biotechnology sector in the United Kingdom, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe spoke with Steve Bates, chief executive officer of the BioIndustry Association (BIA), the trade association for biotech companies in the UK.
Featured Content
The Role of NMR and Mass Spectroscopy in Glycan Analysis
By Cynthia Challener, PhD
NMR analysis provides crucial structural information of synthesized glycans while LC-MS/MS is ideal for quantitation of free sugars in biological matrices.
Challenges and Strategies for the Downstream Purification and Formulation of Fab Antibody Fragments
By Claire Scanlan , Jeffrey Shumway , Mark Wagner , Ruta Waghmare , Juan Castano
Antibody fragments pose unique challenges in terms of recovery, purification, and formulation.
Qualifying Personnel to Visually Inspect Cleaned Equipment
By Richard J. Forsyth
Different approaches for qualification of personnel for visual inspection of residues on equipment surfaces are reviewed.
API Synthesis and Manufacturing
A Look Ahead for Custom Manufacturing and Pharma
By Patricia Van Arnum
Emerging markets are an engine for growth in the custom-manufacturing and pharma markets.
Battling Off-Weight Tablets
By Matt Bundenthal
Training, calibration, and preventive maintenance help prevent over-and under-weight tablets. The author discusses causes of off-weight tablets and best practices for tableting.
Regulatory Watch
Early Communication with Regulators is Essential for SMEs
By Sean Milmo
With SMEs gaining wider recognition as the powerhouse of research and innovation in Europe, regulatory agencies are urging companies to engage with regulators early in the drug-development process.
Metrics Sought to Ensure Drug Quality
By Jill Wechsler
Regulators work with manufacturers to improve systems for measuring product performance and manufacturing reliability.
Outsourcing Outlook
R&D in Transition
By Jim Miller
The R&D model is in transition and creating new demands on contract services providers.
Statistical Solutions
Calibration of instruments: Is Your UV Spectrometer Accurate Enough
By Chris Burgess
This article takes a statistical look at the calibration requirements for a UV spectrometer.
Global Feature
Innovation and Market Growth in Brazil
By Hellen Berger
Brazil is the first Latin American country to emerge as a global biopharmaceutical collaborator.
Ask the Expert
Interactive Response Technologies for IP Temperature Excursions
By Kurt Lumsden
Kurt Lumden, Director, Client services at PAREXEL's Perceptive Informatics, discusses the management of investigational product temperature excursions.
Industry Leaders: Q&A
Q&A with Roger Hayes, MPI Research
By Melanie Sena
Roger Hayes of MPI Research discusses highly potent drug development.
From The Editor
Drugs At What Cost
By Rita Peters
Generics, market dynamics, and global demand are changing drug spending patterns.
ALpHA G Capsule Filter for Single-Use Systems
By Melanie Sena
ALpHA G Capsule Filter for Single-Use Systems
Gericke N200 Nibbler Provides Size Reduction
By Melanie Sena
Gericke N200 Nibbler Provides Size Reduction
Ribbon Blender Model 42N-270 Increases Performance
By Melanie Sena
Ribbon Blender Model 42N-270 Increases Performance
CS Inspection Machine Improves Efficiency
By Melanie Sena
CS Inspection Machine Improves Efficiency


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FDASIA was signed into law two years ago. Where has the most progress been made in implementation?
Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
Expedited reviews of drug submissions
More stakeholder involvement
Reducing drug shortages
Breakthrough designations
Protecting the supply chain
Expedited reviews of drug submissions
More stakeholder involvement
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