TOYOPEARL® MX-Trp-650M Mixed-Mode Resin

Sep 28, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

TOYOPEARL® MX-Trp-650M is a new multimodal cation exchange resin with unique selectivity and high recovery. It provides high protein binding capacities and tolerates high conductivity feedstocks.

TOYOPEARL® MX-Trp-650M is based on a rigid methacrylic polymer matrix, which provides excellent pressure/flow properties and allows high flow rates at large scale. Its ligand, the amino acid tryptophan, provides ionic and hydrophobic interactions. TOYOPEARL® MX-Trp-650M combines the selectivity options of mixed-mode chromatography with the binding capacity of modern ion exchange resins. This new mixed-mode resin is well-suited for intermediate and polishing steps, such as aggregate removal in antibody purification, and for the purification of targets that are difficult to purify using common purification platforms.

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