Vetter Development Service: Filling your clinical development needs — now also in Chicago

Apr 06, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Vetter Development Service (VDS) supports your drug-development projects, from inception to market launch. Our new Chicago facility, along with our existing sites, provides clinical manufacturing from preclinical development through Phase II, with scale-up and transfer to our commercial manufacturing facilities. The Chicago site is the first to use Bosch’s new fully automated vial filler, designed specifically for early-stage, high-value biopharmaceuticals. VDS fills clinical trial materials under strict aseptic and GMP standards.

Early planning can help save costs: Together, we work with you to develop the appropriate delivery system for your drug, starting in early development. In addition to matching all components to your product’s specifications, we replicate commercial manufacturing processes in our laboratories, which can prevent surprises when your drug reaches market production. Once products reach Phase III, we provide seamless transfer to our large-scale manufacturing facilities in Europe for late-stage and commercial production. Simultaneous activities, coupled with expertise and foresight, reduce time to market. Vetter also offers support on product lifecycle management, which ideally begins in the preclinical phase and becomes an integral part of the drug development process.

Vetter Development Service provides:

  • Primary and secondary packaging development
  • Process development
  • Clinical manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Regulatory affairs services
  • Transfer to Vetter Commercial Manufacturing
  • Solutions for a faster time to market


For US inquiries please contact +1-847-581-6888 or [email protected].
For EU inquiries please contact +49-751-3700-0 or [email protected].

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