SMi Group's 3rd Annual AI in Drug Discovery Conference: March 14-15, 2022

SMI's AI in Drug Discovery conference will explore the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence in drug development from discovery to healthcare.

Dates: March 14-15, 2022

Location: London, UK

Description: AI in drug discovery is becoming an integral part of the research and development area of treating diseases with more companies incorporating ‘Big Data’ and data scientists within their R&D teams. Although the AI in drug discovery area has grown rapidly over the past few years, those in the industry acknowledge that there is a long way to go. Collaboration and partnerships are the key to driving this area forward.

SMi's 3rd annual AI in Drug Discovery conference will explore the latest industry updates including the selection of targets using AI, decision making within drug discovery, and closing the loop on AI in drug discovery. Don’t miss out on presentations from leaders within the field, giving insights into the latest industry advances and answering the big questions within AI in drug discovery.