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First Hospira Biosimilar mAb Approved in West Europe

Feb 17, 2015

Hospira’s Inflectra (infliximab), a biosimilar for Remicade, is approved by the European Commission.

Pfizer to Acquire Hospira for Nearly $17 Billion

Feb 05, 2015

The deal may offset billions of dollars in waning sales from Pfizer drugs slated to lose patent protection and provide Pfizer with a whole portfolio of biosimilar products.

Margaret Hamburg Announces She Will Step Down in March 2015

Feb 05, 2015

Margaret Hamburg announced on Feb. 5, 2015 that she will step down as FDA Commissioner after serving in the position for almost six years.

Industry News

Catalent Expands Clinical Packaging Capabilities in Europe

Feb 26, 2015

The company has increased capacity for cold storage and controlled drug substances handling at its European facilities.

Novel Pharmaceutical Company, Turing, Announces Launch

Feb 25, 2015

Turing Pharmaceuticals announced the launch of its company, the acquisition of three assets from Retrophin, and a new senior management team.

SGS Expands Biomarker Testing Capabilities at Poitiers Facility

Feb 24, 2015

SGS has invested in additional modules for its COBAS 6000 analysis system in a move to expand its biomarker analytical capabilities at its Poitiers facility in France.

Supplier News

World Courier Adds New Distribution Center in Australia

The new center represents AmerisourceBergen’s first facility erected specifically for clinical trial and commercial third-party logistics activities.

Siegfried Announces Resolution of Hameln Pharma Regulatory Issues

The company announces that FDA has closed out a 2012 warning letter.

Romaco Group Announces Finalization of Innojet Acquisition

Romaco Group announced that it had finished the acquisition of Innojet Herbert Hüttlin, a German company specializing in coating and granulation.

Bio/Pharma News

J&J Loses First Jury Trial for Risperdal

Johnson & Johnson will pay $2.5 million to a plaintiff who developed gynecomastia after using Risperdal.

Aprecia Expands Capacity for 3D-Printed Dosage Manufacturing

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals' new facility in Ohio will create 150 jobs.

Valeant Acquires Salix for $14.5 Billion

Valeant announced that it acquired Salix Pharmaceuticals for approximately $14.5 billion, which could result in annual cost savings of $500 million.

Peer-Review Research

Effects of 100% Ethylene Oxide Test Gas on the Resistance of Ethylene Oxide Biological Indicators

In anticipation of this mandatory switch from Oxyfume 2000 to 100% EtO for BI testing, comparison studies were performed to determine if the switch from Oxyfume 2000 to 100% EtO would have any impact on BI resistance label claims.

Comparing Manufacturing Process Options

A techno-economic profiling method supports pharmaceutical process development by helping identify the best manufacturing approach.

Drug Manufacturing

Aprecia Expands Capacity for 3D-Printed Dosage Manufacturing

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals' new facility in Ohio will create 150 jobs.

Kite Pharma Expands Manufacturing for T-Cell Therapies

Leased facilities in California will expand Kite Pharma's capacity for clinical T-cell therapies.

NIST Partners with MedImmune on Protein Characterization Venture

MedImmune will provide funds and access to monoclonal antibodies to seven postdoctoral associates for the creation of protein measurement and characterization tools.

Drug Development

Superbug Antibiotic Lands FDA Approval

FDA approved Actavis’ antibiotic Avycaz designed to combat drug-resistant bacteria.

Novel Pharmaceutical Company, Turing, Announces Launch

Turing Pharmaceuticals announced the launch of its company, the acquisition of three assets from Retrophin, and a new senior management team.

BMS Furthers its Immuno-Oncology Pipeline with Nearly $1.6 Billion in Investments

Bristol-Myers Squibb announced that it reached an agreement to acquire Flexus Biosciences and has entered into a $309-million partnership with Rigel Pharmaceuticals.

Current Issue

Improving Visual Inspection Practices

New guidelines and best practices may lead to improved quality and reduced recalls due to visual defects.

Special Considerations for Extractables and Leachables Testing in Biological Products

New guidelines focused on the materials of construction in biologic therapy packaging will help vendors prepare comprehensive extractable and leachable testing strategies.

The New 2014 IPEC Significant Change Guide

This article gives an overview of the concept and contents of the revised guidance and outlines how it has changed from the previous version.

PharmTech Talk

Manufacturers Weigh Strategies to Prevent Drug Shortages

Drug shortages are declining, but they’re still a serious concern for regulatory authorities, policy makers, and bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Is It Time to Ditch QbD for Development by Design? Questions From a QbD Cheerleader

QbD represents a breakthrough in thinking, but does it go far enough to address today's business challenges? NeoStem has expanded it to include business and market issues, in "Development by Design." Could this be (or is it becoming) a new model for pharma?

New Financial Strategies Needed to Support Biomedical Innovation

The ongoing battle over drug reimbursement and pricing has raised questions about whether the pharmaceutical industry can continue to rely on high United States revenues to fund biopharmaceutical R&D.

PharmTech Europe

25th Anniversary Issue

Experts review bio/pharma industry growth and future prospects as Pharmaceutical Technology Europe marks its 25th anniversary.




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FDA Realigns Drug Inspection and Manufacturing Oversight

Operational changes at FDA and CDER aim to improve global market monitoring.

The Bio/Pharma Working Life

Professionals share the ups and downs of working in the bio/pharma industry.

Using Robotics In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Robots are proving advantageous in filling, inspection, packaging, laboratories, and the manufacture of personalized medicine.

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Analytical and Bioanalytical Testing eBook 2014

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