7900 ICP-MS Increases Efficiency

Mar 02, 2014
Volume 38, Issue 3

The 7900 ICP-MS from Agilent Technolgies is a redesign of the 7700 Series. The instruments high-matrix technology allows laboratories to measure samples containing up to 25% total dissolved solids. This is 10 times higher than the current benchmark held by the 7700 ICP-MS, according to the company. The 7900’s new interface design, expansion-stage vacuum system, and orthogonal detector system (ODS) reduce background and improve sensitivity, improving signal to noise for 10-fold lower detection limits, according to the company. The patented ODS technology delivers up to 11 orders of magnitude dynamic range, from sub-ppt to percent-level concentrations, which enables users to measure trace elements and majors in the same run. In addition, the redesigned MassHunter software features a simpler user interface along with increased method automation capabilities.

Agilent Technologies

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