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The Importance of Possessing Good Polymer Chemistry Knowledge in Conducting Extractables/Leachables Studies
Extractables and Leachables studies are an important part of the development cycle of any new drug product. It is important that an appropriate packaging system is chosen such that the product is stable and protected from degradation. It is equally important that this packaging system does not affect the purity of the product by leaching chemicals into the product. Rigorous extractables and leachables testing can ensure the proper packaging system is chosen, and an integral part of this testing regiment includes an extensive knowledge polymer chemistry.


Do you really know your Relative humidity calibration vendor?
There are so many ways to incorrectly calibrate a relative humidity sensor that it is important to closely look at the capabilities of your calibration vendor. ISO17025 accreditation is a very good place to start, but not all ISO17025 calibration labs are equal. A few short questions to better understand the capabilities of your vendor.


Realizing Opportunities in Caregiver-intensive Settings through Transdermal Drug Delivery
In this episode, Dr. Kirsty Gapp, Transdermal Drug Delivery Platform Business Manager, EMEA, at 3M Drug Delivery Systems discusses how an aging global population and the need for continual innovation in the pharmaceutical industry factor into drug delivery systems that move beyond traditional pills and capsules into transdermal drug delivery.


Sartobind Membrane Adsorbers
Sartobind membrane adsorbers are an expedient and effective option for chromatographic removal of contaminants from a process feed stream. Built on a membrane of regenerated cellulose, Sartobind is available in strong anion and cation , hydrophobic interaction and salt tolerant anion exchange versions.

Inhalation Drug Delivery
The practice of using inhaled substances to treat medical conditions has been around for millennia. Only in the last hundred years, though, have advancements in technology have allowed inhalation drug delivery systems to become an important delivery method for pharmaceuticals used by millions of patients worldwide. In this interview, Richard Beesley from 3M Drug Delivery Systems provides an overview of the factors that have shaped inhalation drug delivery and considers how we may best equip ourselves to manage change in the future.

Basic Training: Glycan Analysis
In the Basic Training series, experts from the National Institute for Bioprocess Research and Training (NIBRT) provide in-depth looks at key bioprocessing steps. Here, Pauline Rudd discusses glycan analysis.

Establishing a Culture of Compliance
Ron Johnson, President of Becker & Associates Consulting, an NSF International Company, discusses the critical need for establishing a “culture of compliance” for companies seeking to prevent, or remediate, regulatory compliance violations. An organization’s culture is shaped by its values, principles and beliefs. These are established at the top of the organization and must be effectively communicated throughout the enterprise. Training of employees and management is one of several critical elements to the establishment of a culture of quality.

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