Advanced Paddle Blender for Labs

Oct 17, 2018
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Ross, Charles & Son’s Laboratory Paddle Blender offers advanced features for automated powder blending and liquid spraying operation with recipe management. Features include full vacuum capability, a pneumatic powder charging port, and a liquid delivery spray system to promote batch-to-batch consistency. The 1-ft3, 42P-1SS model is constructed entirely of United States stainless steel type 304 with 150-grit interior finish and driven by a 1-hp, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor. 

Touchscreen programmable logic controller recipe controls are housed inside a National Electrical Manufacturers Association-classified 4X stainless steel enclosure, allowing for indoor or outdoor use. The company states that an interchangeable ribbon agitator can be supplied with any new paddle blender for increased versatility. Both paddle and ribbon agitators are used in the preparation of dry solid-solid mixes and can accommodate minor liquid additions.

Ross, Charles & Son

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