Aesica's High-Capacity Manufacturing Facility in Queenborough Validated for Commercial Production

Mar 20, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Aesica announced hat it has successfully completed the validation of its high capacity manufacturing facility in Queenborough, UK, for commercial production. The company invested $45 million in this new facility and has expanded commercial production of solid dosages for the treatment of type II diabetes.

The facility has been built with a capacity to produce in excess of 1 billion tablets annually, with future expansion plans to double production to more than 2.5 billion tablets. The advanced unit has been equipped with highly technical and specialist equipment including state-of-the-art spray granulators, coaters, tablet presses, powder handling systems and large capacity blenders. The facility provides a 10,000 m2 expansion to the existing Queenborough site and has a dedicated workforce of 55 technicians.

Source: Aesica

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