Alpha Packaging Expands HDPE Manufacturing Platform on the East Coast

Aug 15, 2013

Alpha Packaging has qualified six new injection blow molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) packers as part of its new HDPE Pharma Line. When completed later this fall, Alpha’s Pharma Line will consist of more than a dozen injection blow molded and extrusion blow molded bottles that replicate the HDPE round bottles most prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry. The new line will also contribute to Alpha’s core customer base of nutritional supplement manufacturers and fillers, many of which are located near the company’s Bethlehem, Pa., manufacturing site.

Alpha is investing in new IBM and EBM machines and new molds for more than a dozen sizes of bottles, ranging from 50 cc to 950 cc. Sizes up to 300 cc will be manufactured on new equipment using the injection blow molding process. Larger sizes will be extrusion blow molded on new equipment with new blow molds.

Source: Alpha Packaging

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