Aptar Pharma

Nov 22, 2010
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Company name: Aptar Pharma
Address: 36-38 rue de la Princesse, 78430 Louveciennes, France
Telephone: +33 1 39 17 20 20
Fax: +33 1 39 58 12 98
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.aptar.com
No. of employees: 2 280
Date founded: 1947

Aptar Pharma is the segment within the Aptargroup family dedicated to the pharmaceutical market. We create innovative drug delivery systems that meet the evolving needs of biotechnology, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Aptar Pharma is market driven with a strong focus on specific therapeutic areas such as as allergic rhinitis, asthma, COPD, pain management, hormone therapies, mucosal vaccines as well as cough & cold ailments.

The Aptar Pharma Prescription Division specializes in novel drug delivery solutions - i.e. pMDIs, DPIs, Spray Pumps and UnitDoses - specific to physician-prescribed medicines while the Consumer Health Care Division offers dispensing solutions adapted to over-the-counter medications.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Congers (NY, U.S.A.), Eigeltingen (Germany), Lugano (Switzerland), Le Vaudreuil and Val-de-Reuil (France) and Suzhou (near Shanghai, R.O.C.).

Approximately 6% of Aptar Pharma’s annual turnover is dedicated to research, development and industrialization of novel products. Our R&D and Marketing staff work closely together in a global market-focused team of 200 people dedicated to satisfying customer needs.

Aptar Pharma R&D centres of excellence are located in Eigeltingen (Germany), Lugano (Switzerland), Le Vaudreuil and Val-de-Reuil (France).


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