Aptar Pharma will unveil Prohaler®, the smart DPI for optimal patient compliance

Sep 09, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors


Aptar Pharma will unveil Prohaler®, the smart DPI for optimal patient compliance

During the next edition of CPHI/ICSE Europe tradeshow which be held on October 7th to October 9th, in Paris Villepinte, Aptar Pharma will introduce Prohaler®, the smart DPI for optimal patient.  

The Prohaler® DPI has been developed with a patient-based design approach which makes it intuitive and simple to use by all asthma and COPD patients.

Prohaler® features a novel powder dispersion technology enabling consistent lung deposition even while operating at relatively low patient inhalation flow rates. The results of a recent research showed that Prohaler® has excellent ergonomics, providing intuitive and constant handling characteristics. It is easy to use, with only 3 simple steps needed: open the device, inhale and close it; inhaling triggers the release of a full dose of medication. And a dose counter reminds the patient how many doses are left in the device.

Prohaler® incorporates visual and audible feed-back systems to facilitate ease-of-use and patient compliance.

Prohaler® also has a unique patient safety feature to avoid any risk of double-dosing and wasted doses. And the drug product is protected inside individual blisters which are only opened upon inhalation by the patient, providing optimal powder protection.

For more information on Prohaler®, please visit our booth #2F35, hall 2, or our website: www.aptar.com/pharma

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