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Pharmaceutical Technology: Feb 24, 2015
By PharmTech Editors
Drug shortages are declining, but they’re still a serious concern for regulatory authorities, policy makers, and bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Feb 18, 2015
QbD represents a breakthrough in thinking, but does it go far enough to address today's business challenges? NeoStem has expanded it to include business and market issues, in "Development by Design." Could this be (or is it becoming) a new model for pharma?
Pharmaceutical Technology: Feb 17, 2015
The ongoing battle over drug reimbursement and pricing has raised questions about whether the pharmaceutical industry can continue to rely on high United States revenues to fund biopharmaceutical R&D.
Pharmaceutical Technology: Feb 11, 2015
The industry reacts to the departure of Commissioner Margaret Hamburg.
Pharmaceutical Technology: Feb 03, 2015
President Obama unveils his “Precision Medicine Initiative”.
Feb 02, 2015
By PharmTech Editors
The pharmaceutical supply chain continues to be a challenge for the industry despite advances in QbD and PAT.
Jan 30, 2015
By PharmTech Editors
CPhI experts make predictions on pharma trends for 2015.
Pharmaceutical Technology: Jan 28, 2015
Industry voices concerns over draft legislation that seeks to get much needed treatments to patients.
Jan 08, 2015
An FDA expert committee has recommend approval of Zarizio, the first US biosimilar application from Sandoz, setting a milestone for generic biologic drugs and setting the stage for future approvals.
PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management: Dec 22, 2014
FDA set several milestones in approving more new, important drugs and biologics in 2014. Breakthrough drug designations went through through the roof, speeding more new therapies for cancer and critical conditions to patients.