Automated Liquid Handling Workstation for NGS Library Preparation

May 02, 2018
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 13, Issue 5

Eppendorf’s epMotion 5075 automated liquid handling workstation comes with all required accessories, consumables, and related service products for automation of the next generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation process.

The solution comes with a range of vendor-specific, pre-developed and qualified methods, as well as a new set of software features that was specifically developed for NGS customer needs, according to the company. Features include intelligent selection of single and eight-channel dispensing tools, flexible number of samples, reduced dead-volume, more worktable capacity because of improved labware stacking, email notification to stay informed on the status of library preparatory runs, and the company’s DNA LoBind consumables in the starter package. 

The CleanCap option provides UV decontamination and high-efficiency particulate air filtration to protection samples from contaminations. The integrated ThermoMixer and thermal module allow for efficient mixing and temperature control. Optimized bead clean-up on a magnetic plate adapter prevents carryover contamination.

Eppendorf reports that automating NGS library preparation using this solution provides reproducible results due to its pipetting accuracy (0.31% at 1 µL) and precision (1.97 % at 1 µL), as well as by eliminating the risk of human pipetting errors.

Other applications for the solution include bead applications with mixing and tempering, sequencing and polymerase chain reaction clean-up, nucleic acid purification, cell disruption, and immunoassays.

Source: Eppendorf

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