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Sep 01, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Soluplus® — the solid solution — is an innovative excipient that enables new levels of solubility and bioavailability for poorly soluble active ingredients. Developed specifically for solid solutions, this easy-to-process polymer produces a significant improvement in API release.

Thanks to its high flowability and excellent extrudability, Soluplus® exhibits superior performance in forming solid solutions, especially in hot-melt extrusion processes. These solid solutions make the active pharmaceutical ingredient available in a dissolved state, leading to improved bioavailability once in the body. As a result, the polymer is opening new doors in the research and development of innovative pharmaceuticals.

Soluplus® is not limited to solid solutions formed via hot-melt extrusion, but can also be used as a matrix former in spray-drying processes. In addition, it can be deployed as a binder in wet or dry granulation and in drug layering.

A wide range of toxicological studies have been performed on Soluplus®, and the safety of the product has been comprehensively documented.

BASF Pharma Ingredients and Services
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