Bosspak VTC 100 Tablet and Capsule Counter

Sep 02, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 37, Issue 9

Bossoak VTC 100The Bosspak VTC 100 electronic tablet and capsule counter from Romaco is designed to fill pharmaceutical solids or food supplements into bottles at high speed. The machine works independently of particular formats, allowing the product and packaging to be changed quickly. The tablets, caplets, or gelatine capsules are fed to the counting stations by means of vibratory feed trays. The new sensor generation features built-in microprocessors that adjust the count trigger point automatically during production. The Bosspak VTC 100’s pre-dosing system can improve both counting accuracy and filling speed. The machine counts a maximum of 100 bottles a minute and can be installed either as a standalone unit or integrated in a line.

Romaco Group

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