Can you predict 2010

Jan 01, 2010
Volume 22, Issue 1

Fedra Pavlou
As with most others, the pharmaceutical industry is entering 2010 with trepidation; will this year bring a similar number of headline grabbing announcements of mergers and acquisitions, plant closures, job cuts, restructuring, etc. Or will 2010 simply be defined as the year of adaptation? Adaptation to the changing geographic and corporate landscape of the pharmaceutical industry and the shift in research and business development focus. The industry is certainly not out of the woods yet, but it will be interesting to see how things will settle once the aftermath of the major announcements is fully realised and the global pharmaceutical industry enters a new era. Naturally, these changing dynamics have had a significant impact on those firms operating in the contract services sector, and this month Jim Miller provides his own 2010 predictions for the industry.

One thing I can guarantee in 2010 is the launch of a new digital magazine from Pharmaceutical Technology Europe (PTE). Specifically, next month we will be sending out the very first in our monthly series of digital magazines. You may have noticed the special focus editorial features that have appeared in the last few issues of PTE. So far we have reported in detail on microreactor technology (PTE October) packaging (PTE November) and aseptic techniques (PTE December), and this month, we pay particular attention to some of the promising innovations in drug delivery . As of next month, you will still be able to read about the interesting innovations and future opportunities in each of these special focus areas within your print issue, but we will also be providing more in-depth coverage within our monthly digital magazine: PTE Digital. Each month we will be focusing on a different sector of the pharmaceutical industry, so to begin receiving and collecting your very own digital archive of special features, please go to and scroll down to Pharm Tech Europe E-Alert & Digest to receive your free subscription.

For now, I would like to wish you all a very happy and successful 2010.

Best wishes,
Fedra Pavlou

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