CIP-Ready Ultra-High Shear Mixer

Dec 02, 2017
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 41, Issue 12, pg 10

The Ross, Charles & Son Ross X-Series is a clean-in-place (CIP) ready ultra-high shear mixer for inline emulsification, particle size reduction, and homogenization. The device features a patented rotor/stator that runs at speeds more than 11,000 ft/min, and forces product through concentric rows of intermeshing teeth. The combination of high fluid velocity and close tolerances between interlocking channels in the rotor/stator subjects the product to mechanical and hydraulic shear in a single pass. 

CIP-ready models are driven by a washdown-duty motor. All wetted parts are type 316 stainless steel machined to 32 Ra finish. The mix chamber, rated for 150 psig at 250 °F, includes tri-clamp inlet/outlet connections and can be supplied with a heating/cooling jacket. It is designed for thorough cleaning and disinfection, with no dead zones where product can collect. The X-Series is equipped with a heavy-duty bearing assembly that comprises an oil sump with cooler and circulation pump for use in continuous operations.

Ross, Charles & Son

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