Compact Mass Spectrometer Improves Analysis

Mar 02, 2014
Volume 38, Issue 3

Advion released its latest compact mass spectrometer (CMS), the expression S. The new CMS includes polarity switching during a single analysis to ensure detection of a range of compounds, fast mass scanning (10,000 u/s) for compatibility with UPLC, SFC, and where multiple compounds need to be monitored simultaneously with SIM, as well as higher flow rates of 1-2 mL/min for simpler interfacing with standard chromatographic conditions. The expression S replaces the first generation expression CMS, which will remain available for Advion’s OEM partners. In addition to the hardware advancements, a number of new software features offer additional analysis and data processing options. The software also provides compatibility with DataApex Clarity chromatography software providing seamless integrations with many LC platforms.