Considerations for Outsourcing of Stability Storage

Sep 19, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
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Q. Our company needs more stability storage. What issues should we consider when deciding whether to build our own biorepository facility or outsource our storage?

A. One question to consider is if you have the location and facility space needed. By its nature, any biorepository facility needs a large investment in tailor-built premises. Floor space comes at a premium and much of the equipment needed has a large footprint, because it may have to be capable of accommodating bulk products. Typically, you should be looking for a resource with several million cubic liters of environmentally controlled storage space and storage suites that can house thousands of cubic meters of product. Geographic location should also be considered.  The location should be well away from natural disaster areas and in a convenient location for shipping options. Proximity to motorways and airports can be a distinct advantage, particularly considering the speed at which new global markets are opening up.

You should also consider the capital investment needed.  An average-sized storage room could cost anywhere between $63,000 to $188,000 to set up. A typical cabinet could cost upwards of $23,500. With separate rooms needed to suit different environmental conditions, costs can quickly mount up. Cabinets and chambers in a walk-in stability room should always be available, with additional chambers to be called upon for specific requirements such as retained samples, secondary storage, storage of quarantine samples, freeze and thaw testing, and aerosol testing.

—Patrick Jackson, business development director at Vindon Scientific.

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