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Editorial Office
485 Route One South
Building F, Suite 210
Iselin, NJ 08830
tel. 732.596.0276
fax 732.647.1235

Press Releases and News Announcements

Send press releases to: [email protected]


Editorial Staff

Rita Peters
Editorial Director
tel. 732.346.3038
[email protected]

Agnes Shanley
Senior Editor
tel. 732.346.3072
[email protected]

Susan Haigney
Managing Editor
tel. 732.346.3045
[email protected]

Adeline Siew, PhD
Editor, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe
[email protected]

Jennifer Markarian
Manufacturing Editor
tel. 732.346.3087
[email protected]

Feliza Mirasol
Science Editor
tel. 732.346.3024
[email protected]

Amber Lowry
Associate Editor
tel. 732.346.3059
[email protected]


Contributing Editors/Columnists

Chris Burgess
Stat Solutions

Cynthia A. Challener, PhD
Contributing Editor

Hallie Forcinio
Packaging Trends

Eric Langer
Outsourcing Outlook

Jim Miller
Outsourcing Outlook

Sean Milmo
European Regulatory Watch

Siegfried Schmitt
Ask the Expert

Susan J. Schniepp
Ask the Expert

Jill Wechsler
Regulatory Watch


Art Direction

Dan Ward
Art Director



Wright’s Media
Phone: (281) 419.5725 ext.104
Fax: (281) 419.5712
Toll Free: (877) 652.5295



UK Editorial Office
Hinderton Point
Lloyd Drive
Cheshire Oaks
Cheshire CH65 9HQ,
United Kingdom
Tel. +44 151 353 3500
Fax +44 151 353 3601


Editorial Contacts

Adeline Siew
Pharmaceutical Technology Europe Editor
[email protected]


Circulation & Support

Barbara Williams
Group Administrator
Tel. +44 151 353 3505
[email protected]


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