Continuous Twin Screw Extrusion System for Gel-Mass Formulations

Jun 02, 2018
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 42, Issue 6, pg 12

Leistritz has added a continuous twin screw extrusion system that continuously mixes and conditions gel-mass formulations designed to replace previous upstream batch processing methodologies.

The LS model twin screw extruder features a modular process section manufactured from stainless steel or other suitable metallurgies. Screw diameters range from 12–260 mm. Controls include feed rates, screw rpms, temperatures, and vacuum level. Readouts include product temperature, discharge pressure, and optical sensors. Screws are assembled on high-torque shafts, and shear and energy are imparted into the materials being processed via rotating screws. Each barrel section uses electric heaters and liquid cooling via internal cooling bores. Barrels can be interfaced to liquid temperature control units for process section temperature setpoints, eliminating the cartridge heaters. The system is available for process development and testing at the company’s process laboratory in Somerville, NJ.


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