Controlled Release Technologies

Jun 03, 2014
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Controlled Release Technologies

Catalent is the global leader in advanced drug technologies, providing tablets, capsules and other formulations for sustained/modified drug substance release, launching more than 50 products into all the major markets.

Catalent matches each project with a competent, enthusiastic team, to ensure all work is performed according to customers’ timelines and budget. Whether a controlled-release technology is needed to manage a product’s lifecycle in the marketplace, or for a specific clinical, pharmacodynamics, or pharmacokinetic profile, Catalent can help to achieve the desired outcome.

In 2014 Catalent will celebrate 80 years of softgel manufacturing and has continually delivered innovation with specialised global manufacturing and innovative technological enhancements such as chewable softgels and enteric coatings, to enable delayed-release of the active ingredient with targeted absorption.

Further technology advancements in controlled release include Catalent’s OSDrC® OptiDoseTM technology, which enables design of dividable, multi-layer, single or multi-core tablets with a variety of core numbers, shapes, sizes, and placement. The flexible-core capability provides new alternatives in controlled release designs for drug formulators, developers, and marketers in a high quality, one step manufacturing process.  This expands tableting capabilities in many areas that differentiate beyond existing technologies.

OptiDose technology enables single or multiple APIs in a single tablet, with different release profiles. With shown improvement in mass variability between layers, OptiDose offers tablet design to minimise cross-layer interaction and improved product stability.


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