December 2012 Editor's Picks: Products from Honeywell Process Solutions and Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Dec 19, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
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Honeywell Process Solutions
A smart pressure transmitter is redesigned for improved performance

The Smartline pressure transmitter from Honeywell Process Solutions enhances communication abilities, improves operational efficiency, and reduces lifecycle costs. As part of the Smart Connection Suite, the display is capable of showing process data in graphical formats and communicating messages from the control room, which makes it easier for field operators to determine required maintenance tasks. The transmitter can also be integrated with Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System, through which field operators can identify if the control loop is in a safe state to perform maintenance. A modular design simplifies repairs and reduces cost by allowing replacement of individual components instead of the entire unit. Other safety and efficiency features include enhanced security alerts and wiring polarity insensitivity, through which the transmitter will function correctly even if wiring polarity is reversed.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy
Microscopy is used to monitor cleanliness and evaluate particles

The Axio Zoom.V16 from the Carl Zeiss Microscopy business group allows efficient investigation of a component’s cleanliness in various applications, including pharmaceutical manufacturing. Particles are classed as reflecting or nonreflecting in an automatic process using a motorized, intermediate tube for polarization contrast. The filter analysis with the AxioVision Particle Analyzer software module provides data on the concentration, size distribution, and type of particles. In addition, correlative microscopy, which combines light and electron microscopy, provides chemical information and material classification for individual particles.
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