Eliminate Ghost Peaks in UHPLC

Mar 04, 2013
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors

Eliminate Ghost Peaks in UHPLC

Shimadzu has introduced the Ghost Trap™ DS-HP Series Columns which are designed to remove impurities from the solvent and system, enabling highly sensitive and reliable analysis.

These special columns focus on the specific characteristic of the impurities, and their usage can improve the quality of the analytical results dramatically. The Ghost Trap™ DS-HP columns utilise a new packing material with novel carbon technology, available for aqueous as well as for organic solvents. They can eliminate interference peaks not only from the mobile phase and environment but also from HPLC line by locating the column downstream of GE mixer.

Impurities in the HPLC/UHPLC environment often interfere with the real analytes and badly influence the system performance through their appearance as ghost peaks in the chromatogram. Accumulated impurities may elute from the column during gradient elution. Elimination of these contaminations by dedicated columns avoids time-consuming investigations into the background and nature of the contaminants.

Suitable for UHPLC analysis Ghost Trap DS-HP columns offer back pressure tolerance of 100 MPa, well suited to most UHPLC applications in use. They ensure the best performance for high end analysis.

For more information please visit www.shimadzu.eu

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