Evaluating Impurities in Drugs (Part I of III)

Feb 01, 2012
By Pharmaceutical Technology Editors
Volume 24, Issue 2

By Kashyap R. Wadekar, Mitali Bhalme, S. Srinivasa Rao, K. Vigneshwar Reddy, L. Sampath Kumar and E. Balasubrahmanyam

To ensure the quality of APIs and finished drug products, impurities must be monitored carefully during process development, optimization, and process changeover. The isolation, characterization, and control of impurities in pharmaceutical substances are being reviewed with greater attention based on national regulatory and international guidelines. In Part I of this article, the authors examine the different types and sources of impurities with specific examples.

This article was also published in our US sister publication Pharmaceutical Technology and can be read here.

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