FactoryTalk Software Increases Flexibility

Feb 02, 2014
Volume 38, Issue 2
FactoryTalk information software from Rockwell Automation can help ease deployment and integration into manufacturers’ operations. FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI Software is the central reporting and analytics product for all the products in the FactoryTalk information software suite. The VantagePoint Energy bundle includes FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI software plus energy-specific models, charts, trends, dashboards, and analysis tools. The software delivers information regarding energy relative to a company’s production systems. FactoryTalk Metrics Software monitors equipment on the plant floor and provides efficiency monitoring, event collection, and data analysis to plant operators who need KPIs regarding machine, line, and plant performance. The FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition application collects, stores, analyzes, and visualizes production data using data capture and storage engines that can be used in process, discrete, and hybrid environments.

Rockwell Automation
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