Genzyme Expands

Jun 14, 2007
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Cambridge, MA (June 7)—Genzyme Corp. is growing, with a new biomanufacturing plant planned and other expansions nearing completion.

The company is investing EUR105 million (nearly $140 million) in a new 140,000-ft2 biomanufacturing plant in Lyon, France to replace its smaller plant in nearby Marcy l’Etoile. The new plant, which will be used to manufacture Genzyme’s transplantation treatment “Thymoglobulin,” will have more than twice the manufacturing capacity of the Marcy facility and will create as many as 50 new jobs. The facility’s nine-acre site leaves room for expansion should demand for Thymoglobulin continue to rise.

Genzye also is completing development of a new plant in Belgium, which will be used to produce monoclonal antibodies and proteins. The company intends to expand other facilities, including its Allston Landing protein manufacturing plant in Boston. In addition, a new filling and packaging facility at Genzyme’s manufacturing site in Ireland recently received regulatory approvals.

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