Gericke N200 Nibbler Provides Size Reduction

Jan 02, 2014
Volume 38, Issue 1
The N200 Pharma Nibbler offers a 200 mm diameter inlet and throughput of 1.500 (1/h), providing an alternative to hammer mills and more complex equipment for consistent size reduction of materials and agglomerates found in pharmaceutical production. Products enter the inlet either by a dump or controlled feed where a paddle assembly then rotates the product inside the size reduction chamber at a slow rotational speed. Attrition milling shears the product through the screen where it is discharged through the single outlet. The N200 Nibbler model features high capacity size reduction, a compact design, low power consumption and noise levels, minimum product temperature rise and fines generation, consistent particle size, and low rotational speed. It is suitable for glove box mounting and offers easy basket removal to provide improved access for cleaning.

Powder Technologies
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